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    February 17, 2021

3 Reasons To Migrate Your Online Store To Shopify

Since its launch, Shopify has been highly acclaimed as one of the most reliable and robust platforms for developing eCommerce stores. In fact, it has been seen that Shopify holds more than 22 percent of the market share. It hosts more than 1 million online stores. The reason why people are looking for Shopify web design services is that it is easy to use and brings you a wide range of themes that can be deployed as per your business needs. This is the reason why Shopify stood out in terms of migration statistics. Last year in 2019, it became the leading platform chosen by online store owners.

Should You Go With Shopify Migration?

Shopify has been sensational in terms of helping the eCommerce industry revive itself as the convenience of Shopify developers and users. You will have nothing to stress about the additional charges as when you connect with a Shopify development company, they cover every feature in your plan that includes software, support, and security.

Besides, many more compelling reasons shout out loud for you to connect with reliable Shopify Plus developers and migrate, take a look:

Besides, many more compelling reasons shout out loud for you to connect with a reliable Shopify eCommerce development company and migrate, take a look:

1. Application Store

The first reason for you to migrate to the Shopify platform is because of the full-fledged application store it brings to you. It assists you to make use of a wide range of additional attributes and functionalities. You will have more than two thousand applications that will help you manage and grow your store seamlessly. Some of the best and most popular extensions are Bold Subscriptions, Mail Chimp, and more. You can have extensions that perfectly match your business needs.

2. Complete eCommerce Solution

With the Shopify platform, you will server maintain an average of 99.8 percent of uptime. So you will get unlimited bandwidth that makes it easy for you to manage enhanced traffic. The Shopify platform will help you have a dedicated platform maintenance team that will reduce downtime and keep your store running smoothly all the time. There cannot be any better reason for you to make your migration move now!

3. Excellent Support

With Shopify, you will have a dedicated support team that can help you build trust with your clientele. You can have them available all the time via email and live chat 24/7 to get all your queries resolved. So, your proactive experts are available to help you have your problem resolved quickly. You can also reach out to them and get complete guidance and tutorials to understand every bit of it with ease. So, these are the reasons that make Shopify the best platform to have your online store running. To manage your eCommerce store without any hassle and avail the best out of it, you must connect yourself with a reliable Shopify website development company like SeedCart and get your store migrated! It will pave the way for excellent returns in no time!