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How We Help

How We Help

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    Increase Conversions

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    Increase Average Order Values

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    Increase Repeat Purchases

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    Increase Sales and Profit

  • The New Site

    The New Site project is for you if you want a custom built new site or you are migrating.

  • The Makeover

    The Makeover project is for you if you currently operate an ecommerce site and need

  • The Audit

    The Audit project is for you if you need help identifying the low hanging fruit opportunities available

  • The EcomGrowth™ Program

    The EcomGrowth Progam is an elite coaching and training program offered by Blue Stout that takes our

eCommerce Marketing Services for Your Dream Store

e-Store Development & Management

How you can ensure the smooth running of your eCommerce business across multiple platforms?

The process of running an online store can be overwhelming and requires professional aid for effectiveness. We, at SeedCart, constantly optimize, update, and manage your business across different marketplaces while maintaining your brand personality and integrity. From eCommerce catalog management to maintaining product data feed and inventory management, we offer a range of services designed to help your business flourish.

Benefits of eStore Development & Management
  • Boost Traffic & Sales
  • More Accuracy in Data Collection
  • Analytical Reporting of eStore
  • Obtain Customer Data Insights
  • Efficiently Manage & Forecast Inventory
  • Save Operational Costs
  • Get User-Friendly Interface
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Multiple Channel Integration
  • Serve Niche Markets
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Content Creation & Marketing

How you can grab buyers’ attention and influence decisions to get better brand value and position?

Yes, it is the content that ultimately sells products in the online market. Good content development and marketing strategy give customers all the information they need to help them quickly make a buying decision. Our experts create well-researched, useful and captivating content and furthermore promote the content across the major platforms that drive immediate and long term sales.

Benefits of Content Marketing
  • Boost Brand Awareness & Recognition
  • Higher User Engagements
  • Better Rankings & Higher Visibility
  • More Referral Traffic
  • Help Move Customers Through Buying Decision Quickly
  • Improve Brand Reputation
  • Help Establish Credibility
  • Drive More Sales
  • Higher Domain Authority
  • Expand Social Media Reach
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eCommerce Digital Marketing Solutions

How you can showcase your brand in the best light and maximize your online sales?

We aim to meet the curious shoppers at every stage of their research from finding products to reviewing and making comparisons. Our comprehensive data-driven eCommerce marketing strategy incorporates SEO, PPC, conversion rate optimization (CRO), reporting and analytics, and product page and site optimization. Let us create a strategy to promote your business across multiple channels and fuel your brand reputation.

Benefits of eCommerce Marketing
  • Improve Organic Search Rankings
  • Better Growth Options
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Entice New Customers
  • Boost Conversion Rate
  • Expanding Business Reach
  • Tracking Result
  • Higher ROI
  • Establish Brand Reputation
  • Better Understanding of Customers
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eCommerce Multi-Channel Solutions

How you can get your brand’s message in front of customers who have many touchpoints to purchase?

We optimize every touchpoint between your customers and brand to ensure a seamless shopping experience. We integrate an effective multi-channel eCommerce strategy to present your products to the customers on all available marketing channels. Our experts create and update your product data feed for marketplaces to help you maintain your niche customer base without hampering your user interface.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Selling
  • Attract New Customers
  • Drive Sales & Revenue Growth
  • Explore New Markets
  • Expand Your Product Reach
  • Collect Feedback & Make Improvements
  • Cut Operational Costs
  • Create a Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Leverage the Power of Marketplaces
  • Boost Customer Loyalty
  • Eliminate Business Risk
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to build a new online store while my old website is still live?

Yes, it is possible to build a new online store without taking your old/existing website offline. In fact, most businesses do this as a common practice. We take a strategic approach to do this. We may either create a new website on a different domain or subdomain so that your current website is not affected. This enables us to test out different designs, features, and functionalities, and make sure everything is working properly before transitioning over to the new site. When it’s time to switch over to the new website, we take your old website offline temporarily and redirect all traffic to the new site. Our eCommerce solutions company ensures that your new website is fully functional and tested before making the switch. It prevents the risk of customer churn or causing harm to your online reputation. We also take a backup of your old website, to prevent data loss when an issue arises during the transition process.

Which platform do you use to develop an e-commerce website?

We use several popular e-commerce platforms to develop an e-commerce website including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and several other e-commerce platforms. The choice ultimately depends on your business requirements, budget, and technical expertise. Reach out to us and book a consulting session to discuss your requirements. We can accommodate your request if it aligns with our capabilities.

Can I expect SEO-friendly coding for the website?

Yes, we can create SEO-friendly coding for your website. We understand that a website’s code can have a significant impact on its search engine optimization (SEO) performance. SEO-friendly coding enables search engines to better understand your website’s content and structure, which can lead to higher rankings in search results. To achieve SEO-friendly coding, we use clean and efficient HTML and CSS coding, ensure that the website is mobile-friendly and responsive, and optimize the website speed and performance. We aim to implement a proper website structure and include relevant meta tags. During the initial consultation sessions, we discuss our approach to SEO and how we optimize website code for search engines. Feel free to put across your expectations and ask as many questions as you want.

Do you focus on the loading speed of the website?

Page loading time is a key element that can make or break your client and we pay special attention to this. We prepare codes that are light in weight, effective, highly-optimized, and offer an amazing client experience by boosting the page loading speed.

Will you provide maintenance services for the website? If yes then to what extent?

Yes, we provide website maintenance services depending on your maintenance package. You must understand that website maintenance is an ongoing process of updating, testing, and optimizing your website to ensure it is functioning properly and delivering the best possible user experience. As a part of our website maintenance service, we conduct security updates and monitoring, software updates, website backups, performance optimization, and content updates. We encourage our clients to discuss your specific website maintenance needs to ensure we provide the level of support they need.


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    No Surprises

    Crystal clear deliverables with no guesswork. We don’t build web apps, we build trust. We build collaborations. We take confusion and complexity out of our eCommerce development process by ensuring transparency and seamless communication throughout the project.

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    Testified Work

    Our experience speaks more than words. Our wealth of experience, zeal to excel and human-centric approach makes us proud to witness the delivery of various successful projects on time and budget. We are passionate to help many businesses boost their ROI faster than ever before.

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    Pro Minds

    Brilliance and excellence at par. We employ only the brightest and top-tier talent who can proficiently and effortlessly take your valuable project to the next level. Why go anywhere when you can work with the industry’s highly experienced engineers and designers?

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    Inhouse Support

    Independent enthusiasts at your fingertips. SeedCart is a highly-committed digital transformation agency that combines cognitive science with data-driven strategies and modern UI/UX principles to create websites and apps that scale. Our in-house wizards enable us to deliver excellence every day!