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At SeedCart, our iOS app developers utilize their rich experience and up-to-date knowledge of the latest iOS platforms to develop pixel-perfect applications across iPhones and iPads. We strive to deliver a remarkable user experience by developing native apps embedded with new functionality and relevant tools for constant improvement.

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Being one of the popular mobile operating systems, Android has the potential to boost your customer base by millions. If you are looking for resilient and stunning Android apps with a flawless user experience that run smoothly across all major Android versions and platforms, SeedCart is your trusted mobile app development agency.

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Want to have a highly secure and scalable mobile app built using steller technology? Hire us to get decentralized Blockchain apps for your enterprise that are compatible with various operating systems. Our experts use this distributed ledger to develop apps that are highly adaptive, cryptography compliant, transparent, and resilient against any collapse.

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We leverage the features of this trending cross-platform technology to develop Flutter mobile apps that deliver native performance across platforms. Our skilled Flutter developers combine their in-depth knowledge of Dart language and reactive programming to build high performing apps with flexible UI that help boost your traffic and revenue.

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React Native

Need a cutting-edge mobile app with progressive programming? Leverage the power of rich mobile user interfaces by getting our remarkable React Native app development services. As an experienced mobile app development company, we carefully optimize this cross-platform framework to build apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS versions.

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Ready to delight users with the feel of a native mobile app and the reach of a web? Get secure and cutting-edge progressive web applications with an app-like interface and highly interactive content that help boost your conversions. We render unique features to build next-gen apps that are super fast, agile, and compatible across all verticals.

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Whether it is fitness or health tracker, lifestyle or entertainment devices, or smartwatch apps, our diligent team of developers work proactively to innovate design-focused Wearable apps with robust features that perform seamlessly across all devices. Let us help empower mobility through our wide-range of wearable app development solutions.

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Want to render an interactive and personalized experience to users through your website? Get custom, location-based, and easy-to-use iBeacon apps developed by our passionate experts that help improve user experience and engagements. Take your business to a new world of endless possibilities and interactions with our iBeacon mobile app development services.

We Create Remarkable Mobile Experiences, Not Just Bespoke & Stunning Apps!

  • Ideation & Strategy

    We start every project by analyzing your unique vision and brainstorming todevise the strategy on how to get that idea ticking for the best. We bring our extensive experience and specialization to the table to precisely define the best technologies that work perfectly with your mobile app idea.

  • Design Kickoff

    Yes, it is the design that makes an app successful and extends the user-friendly mobile experience. Every color, typography, feature, and interaction is creatively used to bring a functional design that helps achieve your business goals. At this stage, we create wireframes and interactive prototypes.

  • Development & Test

    This is the step where our tech experts bring your app to life. After validating the prototypes, we develop a robust app integrated with the latest feature sets and functionalities. To ensure optimal performance, we thoroughly test the application for bugs, usability, and technical issues.

  • App Deployment

    Once the app clears our test, it is all set to unleash the market. We use our expertise to quickly and successfully deploy your app across the major app channels and selected enterprise. With our marketing strategies and optimization, we help your app pass the reviewing standards required by app stores.

  • Value Added Services

    While we ensure seamless launching of your application, our work is not done until we are completely satisfied that your application is delivering maximum benefits to your business. We analyze your app performance, prepare strategies for better engagements, and plan for future releases to take your app to the next level

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

Mobile app development involves several factors such as the complexity of the app, the development platform, the availability of resources, and the level of experience of the development team.

For a simple app with basic functionality, it may take 30-90 days to develop. On the other hand, for a more complex app with advanced features and capabilities, it might take several months or even a year or more to develop.

It’s important to note that mobile app development is an iterative process. The development team might make multiple changes and updates to the app throughout the development cycle. Hence, it's difficult to provide an exact timeline for project completion, as it can vary based on the above factors and any changes that may need to be made along the way.

Can I review the code during the development process?

Yes, we do allow clients to review the code during development and before deployment. We also encourage our clients to discuss the development process and set clear expectations before starting the project. This helps us ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding communication, collaboration, and expectations.

If you are concerned about code review during the development process, you may go through our policies and practices regarding code review, and whether we are willing to accommodate your requests.

What will happen to my app with new OS releases in both iOS and Android?

With new OS releases, there is a chance for mobile apps to get affected. Upon new update releases, both iOS and Android change the way they handle apps. So you must update the app and ensure that it complies with the new updates. 

New OS updates may also allow you to improve the functionalities of your app. These updates will help ensure that your app remains functional and your users have a positive experience.

We help clients to stay on top of all minor and major OS releases as part of our mobile app development services. You can discuss this during the initial discovery sessions or reach out to our relationship manager whenever Android or iOS rolls out a new update.

Will you provide any support after the completion of the project successfully?

We implement several security measures in the development process to ensure that the app is secure and free from vulnerabilities. Some common security measures we provide include secure coding practices to ensure that the code written is free from vulnerabilities. In addition, we conduct regular security testing, data encryption, secure authentication and authorization, secure data storage, and timely updates and patches.

We maintain compliance with security standards and regulations to ensure that the app is compliant with industry security standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR. We strive to take security seriously and implement a variety of measures to ensure that the app is free from vulnerabilities.

How do you choose the application architecture?

Choosing the right application architecture is critical to the success of an app. We take several factors into account when selecting the application architecture. We start by understanding the app requirements, and based on the client's needs, we carefully select the development team's expertise to develop and maintain the architecture effectively.

We give prime importance to user experience, platform compatibility, security and data privacy, costs, and future scalability.

Based on these factors, we evaluate various architectures, including client-server, microservices, monolithic, and serverless architectures, and select the one that suits the specific needs and requirements of your users.

What are the different features that you have integrated into the mobile apps developed by you?

We integrate a wide range of features into our mobile apps, depending on the app's purpose, target audience, and other business-specific requirements. Some common features we integrate into mobile apps include user authentication, push notifications, and payment gateway integration. Our mobile app development services also include in-app messaging, social media integration, location-based services, multimedia support, analytics and reporting, offline access, and personalization.

If you are looking for specific features depending on the app's purpose, target audience, business requirements, and preferences, reach out to us right away.


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    No Surprises

    Crystal clear deliverables with no guesswork. We don’t build web apps, we build trust. We build collaborations. We take confusion and complexity out of our eCommerce development process by ensuring transparency and seamless communication throughout the project.

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    Testified Work

    Our experience speaks more than words. Our wealth of experience, zeal to excel and human-centric approach makes us proud to witness the delivery of various successful projects on time and budget. We are passionate to help many businesses boost their ROI faster than ever before.

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    Brilliance and excellence at par. We employ only the brightest and top-tier talent who can proficiently and effortlessly take your valuable project to the next level. Why go anywhere when you can work with the industry’s highly experienced engineers and designers?

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    Inhouse Support

    Independent enthusiasts at your fingertips. SeedCart is a highly-committed digital transformation agency that combines cognitive science with data-driven strategies and modern UI/UX principles to create websites and apps that scale. Our in-house wizards enable us to deliver excellence every day!