Magento Migration Services

Magento Migration Services

Need hassle-free website migration services? Your data is of the utmost importance, and As a Magento migration services provider, we ensure absolute security and excellent data migration quality, security and excellent data migration quality. Get your data transferred swiftly and accurately!

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Product Migration

We specialize in migrating everything including product name, descriptions, meta titles, URL, image, price, weight, tags, attributes, variants, and quantity.


Orders Migratio

From migrating order ID, date, and status to customer name, our Magento migration experts can do it all with care.


SEO Migration

Whether you want to migrate your products and categories SEO URLs or transfer 301 SEO URLs of categories and products, count on our Magento migration services to do it all.


Reviews Migration

Want to retain your customers’ reviews and ratings? Trust us for securely moving your users’ names, comments, ratings, statuses, and reviews.


Design Migration

Grab the opportunity to get a new mobile-friendly design for your eCommerce store that integrates the latest trends for enhanced user experience.


Custom Functionality

Worried about getting your existing custom page migrated to the new web host? We can swiftly move all your data without hampering custom functionality.

Are you confused about whether to Upgrade Magento 1.9 to 2.0 or even higher?

Well, note that Magento 2.0 and higher versions are not a mere upgrade to the Magento System, but a total transformation of what the software used to be. Implementing Magento 2.0 upgrade can give you and your visitors 20% faster access to the system’s newly optimized features.

For instance, the new Magento system introduces improved search engine optimization, greater options for making the user experience more friendly, and increased functions for web administrators like never before!

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Do you really need Magneto 2 migration Services?

The answer is Yes! For one thing, Magento will remove support for version 1 websites in June 2020. If you were to have any issues with your Magento setup, then, there would be no guidance available.

Additionally, since the launch of Magento 2 migration services, the Magento developers stopped adding new features to Magento 1. You’re missing out on a lot without a Magento 2 upgrade.

How Will SeedCart’s Magento Migration Services Benefit You?

Swift Migration

Get your current eCommerce store transferred to any other platform from our Magento migration experts effortlessly and with no downtime.

Data Security

We invest our technical expertise, time, and efforts for a successful and seamless platform switch while ensuring that your data security and integrity are well-maintained.

Robust Platforms

Our in-depth domain expertise in eCommerce development platforms helps you transfer your store data into Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce shopping cart platforms.

Full-Database Migration

SeedCart specializes in seamless and end-to-end migration of your entire database including product data, images, orders, design, SEO, transactions, reviews, and other data.

Bug-Free Migration

Anxious about bugs during the site migration process? Our experts work closely with you to ensure that the code of your website stays intact

Quality & Accuracy

We use high-performing tools for smooth eCommerce and shopping cart data migration to ensure consistent quality with precise and accurate data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my content be well-organized and migrated to the correct places?

To keep everything organized, we make your content inventory followed by a mapping exercise.

What happens if a content type of my current platform does not exist in the new one?

We would use the approach of a recommended platform to provide you with similar capabilities and help you meet your objectives.

Is it possible to migrate unpublished content?

Any content that has not yet been published will not be visible to our export tooling. It is better to update your users in advance about site migration.

Does platform migration affect the SEO ranking of my site?

We integrate impeccable SEO strategies in our data migration process to prevent its impact on rankings.

Will I get notified of my website down?

Though we provide a smooth transition with no downtime, you may choose any hours for going live

Is there any negative impact post the website migration?

No. We take care immense care to prevent post-migration impact on the website. We stay on top of website downtime, traffic loss, broken links, declining website performance, data loss, and security risks. Our Magento migration experts carefully execute the migration and ensure that the process is correctly performed to reduce the negative impacts.

Will all my data be lost when I migrate to Magento 2?

No, we ensure that you don's lose any data while migrating to Magento 2. No matter how complex or extensive your store is, our Magento migration services bring a robust plan to execute the migration successfully. To be safer, we back up and save a copy of your data before starting the migration. Our Magento developers are highly experienced in migrating data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Leverage our solid understanding of the migration process and the ability to guide how to preserve data during migration.

Will Magento 2 migration affect site performance?

No, it won't. We take care of the size and complexity of your current store, resources, and quality within your budget. Our seasoned Magento developers can reduce the impact of the migration on the site performance by updating your hosting environment. We also optimize the source code to improve the site performance, regularly conduct performance tests, and monitor the site performance.
We proactively act on performance issues so that your website stays up ideally even after the migration

How long will it take to migrate successfully from a different platform to Magento?

From small, lightweight stores to complex stores, the migration takes 3 to 15 days. During the initial consultation, our Magento migration experts can provide an estimate of the time the migration process will take to complete based on the specific requirements of your store. We ensure all resources and dependencies are in place before starting the migration process to prevent last-minute hassles.

How Secure is Your Data with Us?

Server Security

Our skilled team performs all migration jobs on a dedicated and separate server to ensure optimal security.

Store Security

Your migration credentials or imported records accessed by our authorized staff will get deleted after completing the migration.

Payment Security

We can seamlessly migrate your payment gateways to help process payment data securely.

Data Security

We protect your data to be exchanged by using 128-bit SSL encryption and secure HTTPS protocol.


With us, rest assured that your data will be kept confidential and not used for other purposes than migration.

API Integration Security

Get your data migrated through secure APIs, which enable you to provide third-party access without having to share credentials


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    Independent enthusiasts at your fingertips. SeedCart is a highly-committed digital transformation agency that combines cognitive science with data-driven strategies and modern UI/UX principles to create websites and apps that scale. Our in-house wizards enable us to deliver excellence every day!