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Keyword Research

Having an in-depth understanding of the keywords that your targeted customers are using is imperative for your business's success. The Magento SEO experts at our Magento SEO agency will conduct an extensive keyword analysis to identify and implement the right keywords for your site.

Link Building

Building smart links is key to establishing a strong business network that efficiently improves your SEO rankings. We focus on building relevant, meaningful, and quality backlinks on high authority domains that will help drive the most qualified traffic to your website.

Content Generation

It takes creative skills to engage your target audience through relevant and compelling information. Our top-notch writers create keyword rich and high-quality content for optimal search visibility of your magento site. Count on Magento SEO services for a sustainable online reputation of your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media engagement is a highly effective way to enhance the SEO results of your Magento site. Maintaining your business presence on social media is critical for building credibility and long-term relationships. We provide end-to-end social media management services that help drive traffic.

Detailed Analytic Reporting

From setting up Google Analytics, our Magento SEO agency ensures complete transparency, traffic, and conversion ratio reports of our efforts and upcoming plans, our Magento optimization team ensures complete transparency by allowing you to closely monitor your traffic and conversion ratio.

Responsive Design

Our skilled team of developers creates SEO-friendly designs that enable your Magento eCommerce store to work across all the devices and platforms. Get a responsive website designed by our Magento developers that help enhance your Magento SEO and create a better user experience.

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Data-Driven Campaign

Every marketing campaign that we create is backed by rich data that is gathered, analyzed, and filtered by our agile team of Magento SEO services. Our dedication to data enables us to create campaigns that help you reach your ideal customers.

Agile Magento SEO Services Experts

We take pride in having a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who excel in implementing the best SEO practices on your Magento eCommerce website. They harness the true potential of organic search to help your business thrive.

Speed Optimization

Your website speed is a critical factor that contributes to making the entire conversion process successful. If your page takes too much time to load, the chances of converting highly interested website traffic into leads will decrease. That’s why we ensure to deliver the fastest Magento sites.

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Ready To Take Your Magento Store To Page One?

Hire our Magento SEO services to help improve the performance and search engine visibility of your Magento powered store.

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Hire Our Top-Notch Magento SEO Agency!

Magento is one of the most preferred and powerful open-source eCommerce platforms in the market today. It gives you complete control over each element of your online storefront. To rank your Magento site higher in the search results, you need to have a well-planned SEO strategy in place. That’s where SeedCart can help!

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Being an award-winning Magento SEO services provider, we excel in producing significant results in less time. Both our SEO and Magento specialists collaborate to bring together their on-page and off-page efforts for delivering highly functional and attractive sites. Need a traffic-driven Magento online store? Partner with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Magento SEO include reports and recommendations?

Yes, our Magento SEO company provides SEO reports and recommendations as a part of our SEO services. The reports and recommendations help you get a bigger picture of how the SEO efforts are progressing and help you identify areas that need improvement. Typically, we identify technical SEO issues, on-page optimization opportunities, and impactful backlinks.
We provide recommendations on keyword selection, on-page optimization, and backlinks to increase your monthly SEO performance. Please note that the reports and recommendations may vary depending on your business’s specific needs and your Magento SEO services package.

Can you archive products on Magento without affecting SEO?

Yes, we can archive products on Magento without impacting your website’s SEO. We follow best practices and a strategic approach to remove and archive products.
When archiving or removing products from Magento, we ensure that the products are properly redirected to other relevant web pages, including the category pages or other related products. This is to avoid broken links or 404 errors that can negatively impact SEO. We use a 301 redirect, update the sitemap, internal links, and a custom 404 page to prevent negative impacts on your SEO efforts.

How can I obtain leads from Magento SEO?

To obtain leads from Magento SEO, our Magento SEO company formulates comprehensive SEO strategies that focus on attracting and converting the right audience. We conduct keyword research to find the right search terms that your target audience uses. It allows the right audience to see your website.
In addition, we leverage the power of content marketing, on-page optimization, link building, conversion rate optimization, and analytics and monitoring to keep your website ranks up.
By implementing these strategies and industry best practices, we optimize your Magento website for search engines and attract high-quality leads to your business.

How does content development work within SEO?

Content development is a key component of Magento SEO practices, as high-quality, informative content is essential to attracting and engaging website visitors and search engines. Our Magento developers work closely with marketing experts to create search engine-friendly content and perform on-page optimization, link building, analytics, and monitoring.
Overall, content development is a critical component of SEO, as it helps attract and engage website visitors, build authority and visibility in search results, and ultimately drive leads and sales for your business. Our Magento SEO company may dedicate a seasoned consultant to develop a comprehensive content strategy for your business that aligns with your goals and meets the needs of your target audience.

Do you offer any performance guarantees?

While we lay the groundwork for Magento SEO, its success depends on several factors, such as Google algorithm updates, the competitive landscape, and content quality and authenticity. We also take into account your backlink profile, as well as other important factors that can impact your website's performance.
Our Magento SEO developers use top-tier tools to provide reports and insights on your website's progress. We maintain open communication with you throughout the process, using transparent methods to ensure that you are fully informed about the performance of your website. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to clarify any guarantees that are included in our Magento SEO services before you sign a contract.

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SeedCart is exceptionally responsive. They do a fantastic job of tailoring their approach to the needs of individual clients. If you want your handheld, they can do that. If you want a flexible solution that you can manage and bring them in only for the big jobs, they can do that too. They also take steps to ensure they are using the latest and greatest technology solutions. The best part of SeedCart though is their people who know what they are doing, listen to the client, and deliver stellar results in a caring and professional manner. I highly recommend SeedCart for your business website solutions!
Glen Baku
Glen Baku
14:32 16 Feb 23
SeedCart has been a great partner in helping us develop our web presence. They have been very responsive to our needs, and their creativity and attention to detail is reflected in their work. We have been able to take our vision of what the site should be, and turn it into reality with SeedCart's help. We are excited to continue working with them as we build out our site into the next phase of growth!
Connie Jones
Connie Jones
11:34 21 Nov 22
Excellent Company, I highly recommend SeedCart for their professionalism as well as their genuine personal attention and care. I have had the pleasure to work with them for several years and everyone involved has been great. Our Website redesign came out fantastically have been great for our company. Specific Kudos to Alex, and William.
Katline Jeff
Katline Jeff
08:48 07 Mar 23
SeedCart is the one-stop solution for online marketplaces. Whether you’re a retailer or an e-commerce consultant, SeedCart is here to help you make your online store more efficient and profitable.Seedcart is a great, organized team, and they have clear vision and easy communication.”
Jackline Kodra
Jackline Kodra
12:05 16 Feb 23
I have known Alex for many years, so SeedCart was the first choice that I reached out to! They looked at our existing website before making any recommendations to make sure that a site re-design was what we needed. Connie, William, and the entire team did a great job of taking my initial goals and vision for the site and providing me with a unique design, and then incorporating my specific needs to create a final product that I love that greats a huge difference in my business. They have been very timely in responding to questions we are already seeing notable reductions, especially in mobile bounce rate, which was one of my initial concerns and reasons for pursuing the redesign. I would recommend SeedCart.Thanks for a great job!
Albana Kodra
Albana Kodra
14:30 16 Feb 23