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Ecommerce SEO Process


Exploratory Meetings

Ecommerce businesses often struggle to identify the key factors influencing their foundation and growth. Our eCommerce SEO agency dissects your growth journey, identifies bottlenecks, and builds the team that crafts an effective SEO campaign.

Competitive Benchmarking

Many eCommerce ventures struggle to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and achieve sustainable growth. Our eCommerce SEO experts empower businesses with the insights they need to find where they stand against their competitors, identify gaps and opportunities, and outperform their rivals.

Website Audit

With an intrinsic focus on vendor systems, capabilities, practices, and compliances, our eCommerce SEO experts orchestrate comprehensive technical audits. Our meticulous approach encompasses over 250 vital checkpoints, from SSL certificate verification to 301 Redirects, .htaccess analysis, canonical checks, CSS evaluations, and Site Platform assessments.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Based on our competitive benchmarking reports, your business model, industry, and growth opportunities, we formulate an apt keyword strategy backed by cutting-edge research tools. We carefully pick keywords with high search volume and purchase intent to boost your sales.


Store Page Optimization

On-page SEO plays a critical role in increasing sales through your eCommerce website. Our eCommerce SEO services focus on your online store’s SEO by strategically deploying keywords in the content, updating meta-tags, and cleaning your website code to drive high-quality leads that convert.

Technical SEO Implementation

SEO complications, from site speed issues to indexation errors, can hinder visibility and impact user experience, resulting in missed opportunities for revenue growth. From optimizing site speed and ensuring mobile responsiveness to fixing crawl errors and enhancing schema markup, our eCommerce SEO experts ensure your e-commerce site not only survives but thrives in the ever-changing SEO landscape.

Schema Implementation

Most eCommerce SEO services do not focus on the schema markup, which is vital in distinguishing a website from the competition. With our meticulous implementation of structured markup strategies using unique content, you can substantially boost your website’s CTR.

Off-page SEO Implementation

Off-page SEO encompasses a range of strategies, from guest articles to engaging in podcasts and strategically embedding backlinks in high-authority blogs that drive potential customers to your website. We emphasize link-building to cast the spotlight on your brand's prowess. It also fosters trust with search engines and elevates your website's relevance.


Content Creation and Updates

In the eCommerce industry, contextually rich and engaging content is critical to securing a great rank in SERPs. We leverage customer intent to develop unique content, refine it, and backlink it with rich sources to deliver outstanding results for your brand. In addition, we update the content regularly to elevate customer experience.

Backlink Acquisition

Acquiring top-quality links on a regular basis is a daunting task that most SEO agencies fail. Exceeding expectations from an eCommerce SEO agency, we perform a thorough analysis of your content, ensure data enrichment, and bump up the standards of your content.

User-Centric Navigation Optimization

As content discovery greatly influences the customer’s buying decisions, eCommerce SEO experts ensure that navigation is easy and convenient for the web visitor. Smooth navigation improves user experience and engagement, boosting your search engine rankings.

Conversion Rate Tracking and Optimization

Our eCommerce SEO services also offer reports on conversions and revenue. Using insights derived from the detailed reports, we understand user behavior and patterns and weave content that converts building steady growth in your sales graphs.


Website Performance Tracking

Frequent downtime or prolonged page load time are the results of poor website maintenance. It negatively impacts customer experience, reducing sales and search engine rankings. We regularly conduct website health checks, ensuring 99% website uptime and boosting the user’s browsing experience and conversions.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

As regular and detailed reports power informed decision-making, we roll out monthly reports on your online store’s performance. Our reports include key metrics such as number of visitors, conversions, sales, traffic, rankings, and more. In addition, we set up regular meetings to discuss the stats and steps going forward.

Technical SEO Audit Reports

Failing to focus on the technical aspects of your website, such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability may lead to unavoidable penalties. Through technical SEO reports, our ecommerce SEO agency helps you identify issues that may affect your site's search engine visibility and provide recommendations for fixes.

Competitor Analysis Reports

Comparing your website's performance with that of your competitors helps you align your goals and content towards success faster. With our competitor analysis reports, quickly identify areas where your competitors are outperforming you and leverage insights to rethink your strategies.


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Services Encompassed
within our SEO Expertise

Over a decade of hands-on experience equips our ecommerce SEO experts to work their magic.

  • Technical SEO Services

    Elevate your online store's performance, aligning to Google's best practices and ensuring an impeccably structured website that's not just user-friendly but also search engine friendly. Our seasoned eCommerce SEO experts employ cutting-edge strategies like schema markup, addressing technical glitches, enhancing site speed, and ensuring seamless mobile responsiveness.

  • Product Page Optimization

    Optimizing product pages by meticulously crafting titles and keyword-rich content helps ensure each page ranks for those essential long-tail keywords. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your product pages are not just informative but also search-engine friendly, setting the stage for higher rankings and better conversions.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Improve your marketing campaigns with our data-driven approach. SeedCart’s experts meticulously track KPIs, conduct thorough site audits, and implement A/B split testing. Through insightful analysis, we provide actionable recommendations to boost your conversion rates.

  • Keyword Research and Optimization

    Boost your online sales with our eCommerce SEO experts. We craft keyword strategies that increase your visibility, conduct in-depth customer and competition analyses, and harness cutting-edge tools to analyze customer behavior and ranking competitiveness.

  • eCommerce Content Creation

    Elevate your online store's appeal with our expertly crafted SEO web content. Our seasoned writers specialize in creating captivating product pages, compelling meta descriptions, engaging review responses, and impactful guest posts.

  • Amazon Marketing Services

    Supercharge your eCommerce business on Amazon with SeedCart’s expert marketing strategies. We specialize in optimizing your product pages, managing pay-per-click campaigns, and crafting data-driven marketing plans.

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Driving Ecommerce Success with Futuristic Solutions

Ecommerce SEO isn’t just about increasing website traffic; it’s about driving traffic to your online store, centering on your home, product category, and product detail pages. Our approach to eCommerce SEO is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Our ecommerce SEO experts kickstart every project by conducting a thorough analysis of your business, website, industry, and competitors to craft highly effective keyword strategies. From there, we employ a multifaceted approach that includes creating top-notch content, securing valuable backlinks, and resolving any technical SEO issues that hinder your site’s performance.

At SeedCart, we’re dedicated to optimizing your website and amplifying your content’s reach by leveraging a network of publisher websites and new age tools. Our goal is to deliver tangible results for your business, which means achieving higher search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic, and ultimately boosting your revenue. By partnering with our ecommerce SEO agency, you gain access to an entire team of seasoned SEO specialists, skilled copywriters, meticulous editors, talented designers, content marketing experts, and dedicated account managers.

Our motto is to take a comprehensive approach to drive eCommerce success, and we’re here to propel your online store to new heights with our expertise and dedication.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive quality search engine rankings?

Quality search engine ranking may take 90 to 180 days, depending upon the competitiveness of your target keywords, budget, and quality of your website content and design. We strive to reduce this timeline by optimizing the website’s design, creating high-quality content, and implementing SEO best practices adhering to Google’s standards. Although various other factors could potentially impact your website’s rankings, our eCommerce SEO experts put in consistent efforts and attention to SEO best practices to help your website rank within a shorter span.

Can you help improve my website speed and Google Core Web Vitals?

Yes, our eCommerce SEO experts can help you improve your website and Google Core Vitals depending on your selected package. As part of the project, we would optimize images to prevent the website from potentially slowing down. In addition, we minimize HTTP requests, remove unused JavaScripts, migrate to a faster hosting service and a content delivery network if required, and implement caching. Our eCommerce SEO agency offers different packages, from optimizing the on-page SEO to fixing the nitty-gritty of the website to enhance the technical SEO.

Is there a necessity to update code/content on our online store to enable SEO?

Yes. Updating the code and content of the website is critical to SEO. We conduct extensive keyword research, create fresh content, optimize the technical side of the website, and improve the site structure. Apart from great content, an eCommerce SEO company must stay on top of Google’s best practices. That is where we come in. We formulate robust SEO content strategies powered by Google’s standards.

How can eCommerce SEO experts help my store?

Our eCommerce SEO experts can improve the visibility of your online store, boost organic traffic, improve user experience, and boost sales and revenue, giving your company an edge over your competitors. Customers are more likely to revisit a website and make a purchase if it is easy to navigate. Improving the user experience is a vital part of eCommerce SEO.

Does SeedCart work with all major CMS platforms and eCommerce shopping carts?

Yes. SeedCart is an eCommerce SEO agency that offers services that comply with leading content management systems (CMS) during the initial discovery sessions, let us know which specific platform you need help with.

What is the cost of an Ecommerce SEO package?

We offer various packages, starting from $499 to $1999 monthly, depending on the comprehensiveness and the services you need. You can avail of keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, content creation, marketing, and technical SEO services. Visit the link to go through our packages, or reach out to us for a custom package.


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    Crystal clear deliverables with no guesswork. We don’t build web apps, we build trust. We build collaborations. We take confusion and complexity out of our eCommerce development process by ensuring transparency and seamless communication throughout the project.

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    Our experience speaks more than words. Our wealth of experience, zeal to excel and human-centric approach makes us proud to witness the delivery of various successful projects on time and budget. We are passionate to help many businesses boost their ROI faster than ever before.

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    Brilliance and excellence at par. We employ only the brightest and top-tier talent who can proficiently and effortlessly take your valuable project to the next level. Why go anywhere when you can work with the industry’s highly experienced engineers and designers?

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    Independent enthusiasts at your fingertips. SeedCart is a highly-committed digital transformation agency that combines cognitive science with data-driven strategies and modern UI/UX principles to create websites and apps that scale. Our in-house wizards enable us to deliver excellence every day!