Redefining eCommerce and Driving Sales Growth Through Shopify Experts

Our Shopify experts create immersive Shopify stores that uniquely balance your eCommerce business, and your online brand.

Shopify experts who create best-selling stores
  • Payment Integration
  • POS Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Sales Channel Integration
  • Shipping Integration
  • Marketing Channel Integration
  • Reporting Integration
  • Shopify To Shopify Plus
  • Magento To Shopify
  • WordPress To Shopify
  • WooCommerce To Shopify
  • BigCommerce To Shopify
  • OpenCart To Shopify
  • Volution To Shopify
  • SquareSpace To Shopify
  • Shopify Store Setup And Configuration
  • Shopify design and Development
  • Shopify Store Promotion
  • Maintenance
  • Data Migration
  • Integrations
  • App Development
  • Catalog Management
  • Omnichannel Selling
Product Migration
  • Product
  • Collections
  • Custom field
  • Pricing and Inventory Rules
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Content Pages
  • Blogs
  • Coupon Codes
  • Reviews


Tap into Shopify treasures for better outcomes


Produce ‘Customer-first’ designs for your brand with a blend of our expertise in visual exploration, user flows, prototyping, and testing.

  • Logo design

    Showcase your brand or organization’s identity elegantly with a logo designed by our seasoned designers.

  • Wireframe

    Leverage our conceptual wireframing services to create the right information architecture and interaction design.

  • Prototypes

    Deliver result-driven experiences to your customers with our interactive prototyping services.

  • Visual design

    Engage with your users using attractive illustrations, print designs, and digital marketing assets

  • Branding

    Get the brand expertise you need with a dedicated, end-to-end Shopify developers and design team


Build a high-growth enterprise eCommerce store to gain an edge over your competitors and deliver modern customer shopping experiences.

  • Setup store

    Focus on your goals while we do the heavy lifting of setting up and configuring your Shopify store online

  • Theme Development

    Entice your users with customized and attractive themes built by our visual design expert

  • Shopify App Development

    Get highly responsive Shopify apps with our Shopify developers, specialized in scripting languages, modules, and processes

  • Integrations

    We improvise the legacy eCommerce platform by merging it with the super-efficient and sophisticated features of Shopify Plus

  • Platform migration

    Our seamless Shopify migration services help you modernize your existing eCommerce store to the Shopify Plus platform


Spark rapid growth in your eCommerce enterprise with an intuitive platform and a dedicated team that understands your brand and its day-to-day needs.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Witness steady growth in your online sales graph with our Shopify store optimization

  • eCommerce Marketing Solutions

    Improve customer management, brand loyalty, and returning customer base with our intuitive marketing solutions

  • eCommerce SEO

    Drive more organic visits and market qualified leads to your eCommerce store with our eCommerce SEO experts.

  • Shopify SEO

    Skyrocket your online sales organically by optimizing your Shopify website pages in line with the latest search engine algorithm updates

  • Google Shopping Campaigns

    Boost the conversions for your eCommerce store driving high-quality traffic with our expertise in Google Shopping ads


Ensure maximum uptime and enable seamless browsing experiences on your website as we constantly monitor its performance and proactively address issues

  • Speed Optimization

    Improve your website’s conversion rates and UX with our Shopify experts, who accelerate the load time

  • Develop New Functionality

    Build bespoke functionalities using our Shopify developers’ vast skills and expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more

  • Theme Customization

    Enhance your brand’s visual identity by bringing the best part of your website to the forefront using customized Shopify themes

  • Fixed SEO Bugs

    Consistently acquire the top spot in search results as we fix all the bugs and oversights from time-to-time

  • Emergency support

    Stay versed with the latest updates and releases, and address technical issues rapidly with our 24x7 maintenance support

Grab opportunities.
Make fortunes.

SeedCart is a full-service Shopify development company uniquely positioned to help your eCommerce business grow. We combine our 14 years of experience of bespoke website development and our eclectic work culture from working with companies across industry verticals. We have a history of transforming eCommerce websites into lead-generating online stores, and have helped entrepreneurs build bestselling stores.

Sales Growth
Reduction in Cost-Per-Lead
Revenue Generated
Industry We Serve

Turn the tide in your favor
Champion Your Industry.

Explore how Shopify experts can redefine how you sell, no matter what.


Shopify Plus UX Design
& Development

As a Shopify development company, we aim to provide intuitive UX design and development solutions to help you charm your shoppers.

eCommerce Platform

If you are looking to re-platform to Shopify Plus, you are safe with us. We ensure that the process is smooth, and you get the upgraded benefits from Shopify that you were looking for.

Going Global with
Shopify Plus

We will help you expand your business through the best of Shopify Plus features, and integrations ensuring that your global business is a success.



Make sure your store continues to attract

Keep stress miles away with a team of Shopify experts who conduct several endurance tests to run your site seamlessly.

Roll out new features, keep your shoppers updated with the latest trends, and continue to dazzle them. As Shopify experts, we deliver on speech, function, and usability to help you maintain your Shopify website.

We help you efficiently manage your eCommerce store by modernizing your tools and processes with third-party API integration.

We continuously monitor your database and applications and leave no margins in optimizing your website’s performance.

We back up your site to a secure cloud database from time to time and scan your files for malware to ensure top-end data security.

We ensure that Googlebot accesses all your URLs, smooth usability across devices, and redressal of indexing errors using the Google Search Console data.

Fix broken links and remove orphan pages from your website with our Shopify SEO experts to prevent users from getting frustrated and leaving your website.

Avoid the pain of redirecting the old domain to a new one. We easily host 301 and 302 HTTPS redirects for your domains for a seamless user experience.

We improve structured data on your website to facilitate easy manipulation and querying of data. We enable the derivation of actionable insights easier.

Our visual design experts develop conversion-centric, tailored themes that perfectly suit your business’ vision. Attract new users and retain them forever.

Do not worry if your website encounters an unexpected error. Our Shopify development agency provides 24*7 support to bring back your website quickly.

Our Shopify SEO experts constantly track search trends and algorithm updates and implement them on your website to help you rank better in search results.

Improving your website’s core vitals always tops our priorities. Ensure consistent and seamless web user experience across all devices.

Shopify Services

  • Integrations
  • Omnichannel
  • Shopify Extension Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Setup POS
  • Inventory Management
  • Platform Migration
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Payment Gateway
  • Mobile First Design
  • Headless Commerce
  • ADA Compliance
  • Performance Enhancement


Connect your Shopify storefront with a variety of third-party systems and apps.

ERP Integration

Get insights into customers’ shopping patterns, conversion trends, and traffic to streamline your efforts and boost profits in your enterprise business.

Payment Integration

We integrate secure payment gateways with your Shopify store to ensure smoother check-outs, and better goodwill of your business. We help you in payment integrations of both eCommerces websites, and mobile apps.

CRM Integration

Continue to delight your customers, and nurture consumer relationships through smart CRM integrations. Automate all your manual tasks, and onboard more customers in less time.

Shipping Integration

Streamline and automate your shipping process using shipping integrations. Manage your logistics more efficiently with integrations that pay off in the long run.

Marketing Channel Integration

Enable smarter assistance for the marketing functions to nurture the existing customers, acquire newer ones and drive quality traffic to your online store.

Reporting Integration

Leverage from customer data, analyze results, and take informed decisions through reporting integrations.



Enable smoother and more personalized customer experiences anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

High-quality Traffic

Improve the quality of web traffic by knowing your customers and understanding the way they complete a transaction.

Holistic Approach

Provide a 360-degree shopping experience across multiple channels through our specialization in unified commerce.

Gain Brand Popularity

Drive visitors to your stores and capture your future customers’ attention by engaging with them on different channels rather than spending on expensive ads

Faster Time-to-Market

Get your digital commerce store up and running fast so you don’t keep your customers waiting.

Get Your Store Located

If you have a physical presence, use tools like a store locator to help your customers find you easily and enhance the value you deliver.

Smarter Investments

Omnichannel strategies are future-proof and yield sustainable results in an organized and efficient manner.

Shopify Extension Development

Shopify Extension Development

We strategically develop feature-rich plugins, and extensions for your eCommerce store

Thorough Business Assessment

We go at lengths to understand your requirements before suggesting plugins that your website needs for better performance.

User-centric UI

We develop interfaces that make the user’s journey on your eCommerce website smoother, and your job easier.

Mobile-first Approach

Our extensions are built to cater to today’s customers. Therefore, we develop and/or install multi-device support extensions for a more immersive shopping experience.

Development and Deployment

We follow a step-by-step development model, release the prototype early and maintain complete transparency till the deployment.

Support and Maintenance

We constantly monitor the extension’s performance and fix bugs through time updates.

Site Speed Friendliness

We ensure that the plugins or extensions do not impact the site speed, and hence we use precise and minimal codes.

Custom Theme Development

Custom Theme Development

Choose a theme according to your industry, and your branding requirements, and stand out in the crowd with our customizations.

User-centric Approach

Each theme comes with its own set of interpretations from the end-customers. Your users are at the heart of our customizations.

Better Conversions

We ensure that your user gets a great brand experience through mobile-friendly design and easy check-outs

Unique Identity

Prebuilt themes do not provide the same brand experience as a custom theme does. It’s a direct reflection of your brand

Easy Accessibility

We start with a purposeful discovery session and systematic approach to mapping user journeys giving the user easy access to content

Clean Code

We implement codes that are crucial for the site’s operability, and contributes in the speed, and reduces code bloating.

Ecommerce Expertise

Our seasoned UI/UX designers know what works best for any brand and develop themes that help you achieve your business objectives

Case-to-Case Approach

We think every business must acquire a personality of its own. As a Shopify development company, we customize Shopify themes as per your business goals, and messaging.

Shopify Experts

Our Shopify developers possess in-depth knowledge of the platform. They are aware of its strengths, and weaknesses to advise and implement what’s best for your store.

Setup POS


Prevent crashes, performance degradation, and data losses. Set up your point-of-sale smartly.

Connectivity Requirements

We evaluate your internet speed requirements and suggest you the optimal download and upload speeds.

Browser Selection

We will facilitate selection of the right browser - be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox - that’s best suited for your business, and sales.

Memory and Speed Requirements

We help you evaluate the right hardware that provides you with the speed, memory, and efficiency you need.

Printer Compatibility

Select the printer that works perfectly not only with your computer but your iPad, Android device, and more to save time.

Cash Drawer

Cash drawers do not work with all the POS systems. Our experts help you select the best ‘printer-driven’ cash drawer to print receipts efficiently.

Barcode Scanners

We help you invest in the right barcode scanners with Bluetooth and iPad compatibility features to ease the checkouts.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep all your inventory information at one place, draw insights, and make informed decisions

Just-in-time Management

Serve your customers instantly as they order, and prevent any cart abandonments while keeping a check on your inventory.

First-in, First-out Management

We offer assistance in following the FIFO inventory management method so you get the full value from your products.


Prevent renting warehouse spaces if you are new to eCommerce as we ensure timely order delivery from the manufacturer.

Historical Data Study

We help you intelligently predict the demand for your products so that you can stock up for peak periods

Scanning Systems

We help you automate order scanning so that you can eliminate human errors, mistyped SKU IDs, and waste inventory data.

Inventory Management Software

As your shop grows, and your inventory expands, we help you choose and install a suitable inventory management software to automate most of your processes.

Data Analytics

We will assist you in reading through your inventory data patterns to analyze specific product demands so you can stock up for peak periods.

Platform Migration

Platform Migration

Keep up with the changes in your business, and the market with our re-platforming services that make the process smooth, and easy.

More Conversions

One of the benefits of re-platforming is getting to understand your users better, and providing a more immersive shopping experience, leading to more sales, and conversions.

Higher Average Order Value

Leverage new features and tools that come with a new platform to upsell your products, offer add-on products, and so on.

Boost Omnichannel Sales

Through re-platforming, we help you offer different pricing, discounts, payment options, and more to various target groups.

Better Profitability

Accelerate process sales and website maintenance time, and fix inefficiencies to boost your profits using a more advanced platform.

Handle Traffic Spikes

Stop losing on revenue by using a site that can’t handle high traffic by migrating to a platform that offers more stability and scalability.

Better Security

We help you improve customer trust and secure your sensitive assets using advanced security features offered by a new platform.

Improve Profits

Re-platforming will enable you to fix inefficiencies, control costs, accelerate the process of sales and maintenance, and boost profits.

Ongoing Support & Maintenanc

Ongoing Support & Maintenanc

Ensure maximum uptime and efficiency of your eCommerce website with our regular web maintenance and support services.

Plugin Updates

We monitor your Shopify plugins and core server from time to time and update them whenever it is required.

Fixing HTML Error

We fix even the smallest of HTML errors that can result in missing multimedia, weird-looking pages, misaligned images, etc.

Database Websites

We perform weekly backups of your essential files automatically so that you don’t lose them due to an expected server error.

Fixing Broken Links

We regularly identify broken links and fix them to ensure that your site is credible and user-friendly.

Developing New Content

Improving and updating your content regularly ensures that your website is relevant and ranks better in search queries.

Web Analytics Review

Our experienced analysts review your website metrics regularly and ensure that all the metrics are at the peak.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Make the payment process easy and simple for your users, get the best of payment gateways

Faster Payouts

If you’re into eCommerce dropshipping, it is crucial to select a payment gateway that the users are familiar with.


If you’re into eCommerce dropshipping, it is crucial to select a payment gateway that the users are familiar with.

Lesser Processing Fees

We compare the fee structures from different vendors and choose the one that charges less and suits you best, which helps you reduce costs.

Paypal Modules

Allow your customers across 203+ countries to make payments and purchases on your eCommerce website using Paypal.

Multi-card Support

We facilitate support for all major debit and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, etc.

Multi-currency Support

Businesses targeting multiple countries must consider integrating a platform that allows payments in local currency.

Mobile First Design

Mobile First Design

Leverage from the expertise of our Shopify developers to create mobile-friendly online stores.

Ease of Access

Enable a smoother and more comfortable user experience across mobile devices giving the user easy access to your website’s content.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

By facilitating easy access to content over any mobile device, engage better with your customers and boost sales.

Gain an Edge

By designing for the smallest of screens, we help you keep your customers hooked to your website rather than switching to your competitor’s site.

Better Accessibility

We help you capture users that are increasingly switching to mobile devices through fast, clutter-free, and concise websites.

Simplicity of Usage

Mobile-first approach prevents overloading the website with fiddly ads and pop-ups, making the usability simpler.

User-centric Information

We ensure that your users get access to content that’s most relevant to their interests, leading to better discovery, more leads, and more conversions.

Lead Conversion

Acquire more users by leveraging mobile traffic through a clutter-free, smart, and navigable eCommerce website.

Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce

Separate the frontend from the backend of your eCommerce store to enrich customer experience.

Faster Browsing Experience

Accelerate the site speed with modern Javascript frameworks with our headless Shopify Plus capabilities.

Better Content Control

Easily manage your storefront API and gain better flexibility over sales by announcing offers and promotions faster on the site.

API Integration

Enable the development teams to exercise complete control over what loads and when using through API integration.

Reduced Complexity

Headless eCommerce powered by Shopify provides segmented control over both ends of the website simplifying its operation.

Secure Checkouts

Enable secure transactions whilst having better control over the frontend by integrating the best-in-industry security technologies.

Tech Partnerships

Simplify your transition to headless eCommerce leveraging our wide partner portfolio comprising Netlify, Klevu, and more.

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance

Address specially abled users directly by making the site friendlier, and more easily accessible.

Positive Reputation & Goodwill

Show that your brand cares about all types of audiences irrespective of their disabilities and enhance your brand image.

Boost Inclusiveness

When people feel good about your brand, they speak well of it, which enhances your reputation and increases brand advocates.

Protection Against Lawsuits

Prevent your brand from getting exposed to legal penalties by providing disabled individuals with appropriate access to your content.

Tax Incentives

Get tax credits for spending on ADA-related access from the federal government and increase your revenue.

Color Expertise

Our expert designers ensure that there is enough contrast between the text and the background making the text stand out.

Image Alt-texts

We create smart alternative texts for images, charts, illustrations or graphics as per the needs of the visually impaired.

Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

As Shopify SEO experts, we optimize your eCommerce site for better performance, speed, and navigation.

Web Page Profiling

We profile your web page to filter components not needed, enabling us to remove unnecessary clutter from your website.

Image Optimization

We use the appropriate format and resolution of the images to reduce their file size.

Server-side Compression

Using compression methods such as Dflate and GZIP, we compress large images on your eCommerce site and boost its speed.

Asset Offloading

We unload some of the site assets and features from the existing server and share them with third-party web services to reduce the server load.

Webpage Structuring

We use several web applications to experiment with different configurations of a webpage and smartly service the optimal structure.

Performance Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your web server’s performance helps us fix the issues proactively and ensure maximum benefit from the website.

Our partners are some of industry’s best service providers

Our technology partners and Shopify service app partners have helped us deliver some of the best Shopify websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your Shopify Developers build custom Shopify Apps?

Yes. Our Shopify Experts are skilled in Shopify’s coding language, Liquid. Our developers also use Ruby, PHP, Java, and Python to develop custom apps that match your brand requirements perfectly.

Not just an online shop but build an efficient brand online with us.

Can your Shopify Experts build custom Shopify Themes?

Yes. We develop custom themes and integrate them with your store. We offer tailor-made, mobile-friendly, and feature-rich themes that help your brand stand out.

Deliver a consistent user experience across all devices with our responsive Shopify theme design services.

What's your typical client profile?

First, creating and managing an online media campaign is a huge endeavor, so we carefully select the niches we are good at. We work with clients who synergize with our digital media team, web designers, web engineers, and brand designers.

Check out our client page for our complete portfolio.

What are the timeframes for launching a Shopify website?

We schedule the completion of all our design projects ahead of the development. However, these deadlines are attainable only if you provide the brand elements, such as logos, fonts, images, and color codes, on time and respond to our revisions in a timely manner.

By far, none of our projects have gone past twelve weeks, despite multiple revisions, technical hurdles, or any other complexities.

What sectors and industries does SeedCart specialize in?

SeedCart specializes in various industries and sectors, including Fashion & Apparel, Beauty, and Home Decor. Reach out to us and book your consultation if your business is different.

Can you help me manage and/or optimise my existing Shopify Plus website?

Yes, of course! We help eCommerce businesses build scalable, futuristic, customized, flexible, and conversion-oriented online stores with Shopify Plus. As your Shopify Plus Solution Partner, we help you garner better revenues, deliver flawless customer experience, and stay ahead in a highly competitive eCommerce landscape.

Do you offer Shopify Migration Services?

Yes. Our seasoned engineers help you seamlessly migrate your eCommerce store to the top-notch, enhanced functionalities of the Shopify Plus platform.

  • * $512,569 Monthly Sales
  • *20x Increase in returning customers
  • * 5x Increase In Average Order Value
  • *50K+ Monthly Sessions
  • * $512,569 Monthly Sales
  • *20x Increase in returning customers
  • * 5x Increase In Average Order Value
  • *50K+ Monthly Sessions
  • * 45% Sales Growth From Paid Channels
  • * 70% Sales Growth From Organic Channels
  • * 91% Reduction in Cost-Per-Lead
  • * $1M+ Revenue Generated
  • * 45% Sales Growth From Paid Channels
  • * 70% Sales Growth From Organic Channels
  • * 91% Reduction in Cost-Per-Lead
  • * $1M+ Revenue Generated
  • * 10x Increase In Revenue
  • * 7.9% Increase In Profit
  • *300% Increase in keywords
  • * 60+% Retention Rate
  • * 10x Increase In Revenue
  • * 7.9% Increase In Profit
  • *300% Increase in keywords
  • * 60+% Retention Rate
  • * 15x Increase In Transaction
  • * 2M+ Monthly Pageviews
  • * 5x Mobile Sales Increase
  • * Reduction of 30% Bounce Rate
  • * 15x Increase In Transaction
  • * 2M+ Monthly Pageviews
  • * 5x Mobile Sales Increase
  • * Reduction of 30% Bounce Rate

Your trusted Shopify Plus agency

SeedCart is a trusted Shopify Plus Agency who ensures that online businesses make the best of their eCommerce sites using Shopify features, and customization. Our Shopify developers, and Shopify experts help you throughout your online business journey by helping you tap the best of the platform at the least possible cost.

Shopify Theme Development

SeedCart’s experienced Shopify developers have developed over 100 astounding custom themes for small and medium businesses. We develop brand-friendly, custom themes that make your online store look good and boost your conversions. Work with seasoned Shopify developers on your website who understand your brand and choose the right Shopify tools to make it stand out.

Shopify App Development

Take your business across devices confidently with SeedCart, the Shopify development company that helps you deliver great shopping experiences. We specialize in developing apps pertaining to order management, third-party integration, account management, payments, workflow automation, sales, and marketing. If this is not enough, avail custom Shopify app development from our Shopify developers.

Shopify Migration

Are you experiencing the pain of maintenance with your existing services, such as Volusion, BigCommerce, Magento, BigCartel, or Squarespace? Worry no more, and join SeedCart, a Shopify development agency that makes the transition to Shopify painless. Experience seamless integration and platform upgrade with our Shopify migration services. We start with consultation sessions and devise a custom plan for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The success of eCommerce businesses directly depends on high-quality leads and conversions. SeedCart is a conversion rate optimization agency that understands your business, conducts thorough research, runs several experiments, and delivers the report helping you take an informed decision. Our conversion rate optimization services comprise CRO auditing, CRO consulting, CRO setup, and performance monitoring.

Shopify SEO

It takes more than an aesthetically appealing web design to capture customers’ attention and increase their lifetime value. As a new Shopify merchant, you need a Shopify SEO agency to boost sales and make the most of this profitable platform. Our Shopify SEO experts help you build a strong web presence and drive quality traffic to your website.

eCommerce SEO

SeedCart is not just an eCommerce SEO agency that develops one-size-fits-all strategies for every eCommerce business. We understand that every business following an eCommerce model is different. Our eCommerce SEO experts conduct comprehensive keyword research and derive a robust SEO plan for your company. Drive top-quality traffic and skyrocket your sales as well as your brand value.