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    January 13, 2023

From Magento to Magento 2.0

In today’s time essentially all businesses are e-commerce businesses. To expand one’s business to new horizons and achieve new heights one should be familiar with the online aspect of it all. Whether you are a multi-million business or just a startup an online presence is essential for the formation of a solid consumer base. To translate your offline projections into online success an engaging website is a must-have. Over the years Magento has become a popular e-commerce platform. It was developed using open-source technology by Adobe. And since its inception, it has managed to gain an extensive user base. Magento provides one with quick, easy, and adaptable features that you can use to customise your website. Moreover, if you are seeking to elevate your website by incorporating Magento 2.0 then we might have just the thing for you. Upgrading your store to an advanced interface can be taxing. To ensure that your migration is seamless, investing in the services of Magento migration experts might not be a bad idea.

Magento 2.0: What’s New?

Magento 2.0 is certainly an elevated version of the previous version. It has amazing new features that provide one with high security and a customer-friendly interface. Let’s have a look at some of its top features.

  1. Architecture; the new version of Magento provides one with a flexible and an extremely adaptable architecture. Powered by this advanced architecture Magento 2.0 makes it easier for one to actualize their commercial vision.
  2. Shopping Experience: This advanced version has been successful in creating a rich and engaging consumer experience for shoppers.
  3. Business Growth: With the new and improved features of Magento 2.0 there is an increased chance for growth for the users. As a merchant, you would be able to increase your productivity levels by installing Magento 2.0
  4. Maintenance: An imperative part of any online shop is its regular maintenance. Timely maintenance ensures smooth operation. This upgraded version of Magento makes it easier for one to upgrade and maintain their online shop.

If you wish to upgrade to the new version but don’t know how or where to start then SeedCart can be your best bet. SeedCart is the best place to opt for if you are looking for Magento migration services.

Why You Might Need Help

Handling your online business website and shop can be a challenging task. There are so many things to take care of and so many other things to consider. As a business owner, you are already juggling a million things at once. To ensure that you don’t stumble and fall, it is best to outsource some of the work. Magento developers can help you by:

  1. Saving your time
  2. Increasing your site traffic
  3. Installing high-security measures
  4. Providing effective customisation

In Conclusion

SeedCart is the best choice if you are looking for Magento migration services. SeedCart is highly client-oriented in their approach. They understand the intricacies involved in building an online presence. If you are on the lookout for a Magneto development company then SeedCart is without a doubt an excellent choice.