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    November 28, 2022

How is a Shopify partner and a Shopify expert different?

Shopify is one of the best and most popular eCommerce platforms that allow merchants to sell products or services to a wider audience by creating eCommerce stores on their platform. Just like other stand-alone websites, Shopify e-stores are created and optimized for customers. Shopify has been offering a wide range of features and functionalities to merchants for developing eCommerce stores.

More than 20000 people are securely and successfully running their business with Shopify. Whether you are a large or small business organization, Shopify has something to offer you. Usually, Shopify stores are easy to set up, but sometimes when brands need customization or optimization, they need Shopify experts or assistance.

Similarly, Shopify offers Shopify partner programs to businesses to make their website and business successful, but what are they? and they can help you? What is the difference between a Shopify expert and a Shopify partner? Whether you’re looking for a Shopify partner or expert as a business or you are a freelancer deciding on becoming an expert or partner, a Shopify theme development company can help you find out:

The Shopify experts

Shopify experts are individuals or professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in working and understanding the Shopify platform, expert can help you create a well-structured and optimized platform that will help you attract customers and make a strong brand presence in the digital markets. Shopify experts can help you in the following ways:

Optimized Websites: Shopify experts understand how important it is for businesses to optimize websites. Creating a website is one thing and optimizing a website for marketing is another. As Shopify experts, you need to make a website optimized for SEO and other marketing goals for your brand that will help you target a wider audience.

Consistency: Creating or developing a platform is not enough, you need regular maintenance and need to update your website every now and then to maintain branding consistency for customers. Shopify experts by Shopify theme development company can help you update brand identity and branding for your business to develop authority and credibility among existing and new customers. The more consistent and visually appealing your brand website will look, the better the user experience and more customers you can attract. As an expert, you need to be consistent with your client’s branding.

Experience: Shopify experts have experience working with Shopify theme and eCommerce stores, they understand what might suit your business niche and you can establish a strong presence online. This experience comes in handy when you are just going to start your journey in the online market. So, if you want to become an expert, you need experience, skills and knowledge to set up a diverse website.

The Shopify partner

Shopify partner is a partnership program offered by Shopify with the aim to develop a community that helps each other with businesses and grow together. Shopify partners are members of this partnership program that help entrepreneurs to earn money by recommending the Shopify platform to others. You can sign up for Shopify programs as a Freelancer, Photographer, Marketer, Coder, Developer, influencer, and designer. Some of the activities performed by Shopify partners are

Affiliate referrals: An approver Shopify partner can share affiliate referral links with the potential clients and if the client buys a subscription through the referral link, the Shopify partner will get a bounty payment for the referral which is equal to the buyer’s subscription fee of two months.

Develop apps for the app store: Shopify partners are allowed to create apps for Shopify users to enhance their Shopify experience or add new features to the website. If you are a freelancer or know how to create apps, you can develop for Shopify’s app store and earn 80% of the total revenue from sales through its one time.

Set up a store: You can develop or set up a store for any user through Shopify’s free plan, Shopify partners will get a 20% cut from the monthly subscription of the user. However, till that time they will remain customers.

Shopify Expert Vs Shopify partner

Becoming a Shopify Plus developer is difficult as you need experience, knowledge and skills to establish and develop themes. A good Shopify Plus Agency or Shopify Plus experts has all the knowledge and ability to set up attractive stores for your business. While anyone can become a Shopify partner with little knowledge as You only have to establish your account as a Shopify partner and help brands create basic stores and gain certain perks by Shopify.

There are different categories of Shopify experts, but for Shopify partners, you don’t need these categories. These categories are as follows:

Store set up: These experts help businesses to set up a storefront or Shopify e-stores.

Marketing: These experts are responsible for marketing and advertising for the Shopify stores. Shopify offers various marketing tools to promote products and optimize the platform for SEO. these experts are skilled to use these tools and techniques.

Troubleshooting: It’s common for websites to face technical issues due to many reasons, such as excess traffic that the website can handle or more. These experts will help to identify and resolve these errors.

These are various expert categories that businesses might require, becoming an expert means you need high skills and knowledge to handle these issues or categories. While Shopify partners are not experts or professionals they can help set up basic stores in exchange for perks.


Shopify partners and Shopify experts are important for establishing Shopify stores and building a strong community. However, they both are completely different from each other and have their own benefits for the business organization. If a business wants to establish its website and optimize it for better use, Shopify expert is your best bet while Shopify partners can only help set up a store. Having an expert by Shopify Plus development company will always be beneficial for businesses as well as experts rather than Shopify partners considering the benefits.