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    December 1, 2022

How To Develop Shopify Themes Locally

Shopify was mainly created to make e-commerce creation and management easier for everyone and so far, it has found success in its purpose to a great extent. Almost all online store owners rely on the platform and many third-party developers create integrations like themes and apps for the platform too. It can be said that Shopify has brought a lot of positive difference in the e-commerce industry as more enthusiasts can be seen to not shy away from creating an online store anymore fearing the technicalities involved in the process. Moreover, it is a platform that allows users to get the perfect blend of functionality and aestheticism with a store that looks visually appealing and functions effectively. Sellers gain access to simple and rich features through Shopify which is why many people are relying on the platform continually.

Benefits You Can Gain From Using Shopify

Be it a small or a big business, Shopify has emerged to be a useful platform for one and all. Through an advanced Shopify homepage, it is easy for businesses to sell a single product as well as several products which is great for increasing your return on investment and business revenue. The several benefits you can gain through the use of Shopify are as follows.

1. Easy to use

You may be well aware that the main reason why many sellers rely on Shopify is its ease of use. There is no denying that Shopify is a platform that is extremely easy to use because it facilitates automated editors. Moreover, it removes the need for developers to possess any intricate coding skills which enables them to set up an online store in seconds with or without any coding knowledge. The platform does not create any fuss and is certainly the apt solution for hosting and managing an online store without the need for any technicalities. The admin interface is user-friendly, creative, and persuasive as well. As such, it can be said that the ease of use and setup is certainly one of the main reasons why it is preferred by both coders and non-coders.

2. No requirements for technical expertise

As mentioned above, one of the best things about Shopify is that you do need to possess any technical expertise to create and launch a store via Shopify because the platform does it all for you. You can set up a store and get it running in literal seconds and because it is a hosted platform, your store will be able to enjoy a good loading speed security, and the like which are things you might have to control yourself had you opted for a self-hosted website. Moreover, when there is an increase or heavy load of traffic to your site, Shopify will handle it easily for you and also maintain all software updates which are again things you will have to yourself in a self-hosted store. Therefore, instead of worrying about these issues, you can focus on growing your store instead.

3. 24/7 customer support

When it comes to customer support, you can rely on Shopify blindly because they have a support system that is available 24 hours a day. They are highly responsive and can respond to your queries instantly which means that if your store is having any issues, they will resolve them in an instant. There are many ways through which you can contact customer support such as email, phone, and webchat. Moreover, with Shopify being a widely prevalent platform, several community forums are willing to help you out at any time.

4. Customizable

When it comes to Shopify, the Shopify Theme Store gives you access to almost 160 free and paid themes so you have a plethora of themes you can choose from. Most of all, the themes offered by the platform are all mobile responsive and they are also fully customizable. You can edit the themes as per your liking and the niche of the products you are selling in the store. You can edit the code to customize each theme. Therefore, it is easy to create a unique and good-looking store that stands out and fits with your brand identity as well through Shopify.

5. App Integrations

If you want to gain access to a treasure trove of applications that can help you enhance the functionalities of your store, head to the Shopify App Store. You can integrate your store with social media channels, shipping programs, accounting software, and all the other marketing apps. You can also add wishlists, customer reviews, print labels, packing slips, loyalty programs, and get in-depth analytics. No matter what function or feature you want to add to your store, you can find an app for the same.

6. Reduces cart abandonment

One of the major problems faced by online merchants is cart abandonment and this can be a heartbreak because you may get excited seeing people add your products to their cart but when the time comes to checkout, they go out never to return to the cart again and buy the items. As such, all your hopes of gaining a conversion may be shattered. As per research, an estimated two-thirds of potential converts are known to abandon their carts during checkout and that is why Shopify facilitates a service specific to cart abandonment recovery which tracks these potential customers and emails them a reminder to complete their purchase. As a result, you might witness reduced cart abandonment for your store.

7. Reliable and secure

Running an online store means that along with the product details and such, you will have a lot of other sensitive pieces of information present in your stores such as the customer’s credit card details, net banking details, bank account information, and the like. If someone happens to hack this information, it can be highly consequential for both you and the customers. To avoid the same, your store must be reliable, secure, and fast as well. Shopify being a hosted solution, it will take care of all the upgrades and server maintenance needed to keep your store safe, secure, and available at all times. Your store will be supported by data encryption, and SSL certificates, and also make sure your store is PCI compliant.

8. SEO

You may finally have created the online store of your dreams and it may just look the way you envisioned it but is it worth it if you don’t get any visitors? With such results, you might have to close the virtual shutters of your store earlier than you intended. If you wish to make your online store a success and run for a long time, you need an optimized store. This is where SEO enters the scenario and keep in mind, that the effective use of the same can be a huge selling point for your store. With Shopify, you can have an online store that can be indexed by search engines easily so that they can rank your store for the customers to see. This will enable your store to become highly visible and contribute to increasing your conversions and sales.

9. Payment Gateway

Shopify is a platform that is known for its integration with various payment gateways and this means that you can add various payment methods to your store and deliver a good customer experience. It also facilitates its payment gateway powered by Stripe and if you choose to use the same, you have to pay any transaction fees and you don’t need a merchant account to use the same either. For a successful online store, you need to deliver a satisfying customer experience and one of the main factors you must consider is the payment option.

10. Loading Speed

The loading speed of the store matters a lot because these days if your store does not have a good loading speed, you will face the risk of losing customers. You need to ensure that your store loads within three seconds at least because if it does not load within this time, your potential customers will leave for another store that has a better loading speed. Fortunately, Shopify, being a hosted ecommerce platform, takes care of all your page’s loading speed and like.

Suggestions For Choosing Shopify Themes

As you are well aware, there are plenty of options when it comes to Shopify themes. Therefore, to make sure you select the right one for your store, you need to keep the following considerations in mind.

1. Set a budget

Shopify offers both free and paid themes and initially, your store may be fine with a free theme but as it starts to expand, you might find it hard to neglect an advanced theme. However, before you pick one, plan a budget so that you can narrow down the themes to ones that fit your budget. Since there are many things to choose from, it is easy for your attention to get diverted from the theme you need by the theme you want.

2. Consider the inventory

Once you launch your store, you must consider the products you have and the products you are willing to sell. Depending on the same, you need to choose an apt theme because if you have limited products then choosing a theme with many categories and collections can be unnecessary.

3. Consider your niche

One of the most important considerations, when you are looking for a theme, is the niche of your products. There is a Shopify theme for almost every niche and choosing one that fits your store perfectly is important as it can give your store a competitive edge and advantage.

4. Responsiveness

These days, most customers use their phones to shop online but that’s not to say that other devices don’t play an important part in the scenario. Customers use different devices to shop and that is why it is essential to have a store that is responsive in all screen sizes. Therefore, choose a theme that can allow your store to have an intuitive design and can be responsive on all kinds of devices as well.

5. Aestheticism

Your store’s look and feel is perhaps the most important thing that will enable a customer to decide if they should visit your store. Hence, it is important to choose a theme that aligns with the values of your store but makes it appear aesthetically pleasing so that potential customers can be attracted to visit your store.

Tips To Develop Shopify Themes Locally

To develop Shopify themes locally, there are a few workflows you can refer to which are mentioned below.

1. Official Shopify Theme Kit

Shopify Theme Kit is regarded to be a cross-platform tool that you can run on Windows/Linux/OS X. You can download it and use it for your theme development tasks. It allows you to work with a professional team of Shopify Plus developers, watch for local changes, and upload the theme to Shopify automatically and to multiple environments.

2. Task runners

There are many apps for local theme development that allow you to upload your files to your store directly using the API credentials of the app. After that, you can use a watcher to develop a local theme efficiently.

3. Third-party SaaS Applications

If you don’t want to watch the changes and test your patience, you can use third-party SaaS applications that integrate well with a continuous integration workflow. The latest changes made on a certain branch will be uploaded to the selected theme. Therefore, look for some reliable and efficient third-party applications that can assist you well in developing a local theme.

Final Thoughts

Shopify has all the features that you need to run and manage a store and to make sure that the store can bring you conversions and increase your sales. It offers a wide variety of functions that can help you improve your store’s performance. Make sure you keep all of the tips mentioned above in mind to make sure that the theme you are using is appropriate and helps increase your store’s functionality. Therefore, be sure to consider the above factors.