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    February 15, 2021

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Shopify From Magento

With the outbreak of coronavirus, more and more people have switched to online shopping. If you are operating an eCommerce business, this is indeed the best time for you to migrate your eStore to the right eCommerce platform. Your choice of eCommerce platform can directly affect the performance, user experience, and sales of your online store. From product administration to shipping, managing every specific detail needs proper attention. This is why many businesses look for Shopify migration services. Shopify is the go-to platform for many of the companies around the world because of the seamless solutions it brings into play. One can manage everything without having any kind of technical understanding. To make it more clear, below mentioned are a few of the reasons that will help you understand why Magento to Shopify migration service is in high demand, check it out:

  • Easy Store Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining an eCommerce store, it is certainly not easy at all. You need to take care of different types of intensive exercises like keeping stocks updated, checking with order status, fulfillment process, and more. All these tasks come with different types of complexities. With Shopify, you can take benefit of intuitive user functionalities. This will make it easier for you to manage all of it with ease. As a business owner, it will be very convenient for you to use this platform and manage everything with ease when compared to Magento.

  • Security

You need to make sure that your online store is secure enough to make purchases. With Shopify, you will have control over all the functions and transactions. This means you will not have to be a security expert to understand that your website is protected. Magento is secure too but with Shopify, you will have everything easy to understand and design your security policies according to your needs. When it comes to using Magento, you must have a proper technical understanding of the online store and the threats related to it

  • Self-hosted

Another major reason behind one opting for Shopify Magento migration is that the Shopify platform is self-hosted. You just need to develop an account with this platform and you will be ready to have your online store with Shopify. When it comes to Magento, you should properly research for a reliable hosting service provider. If you are not connecting to the right hosting service, it will affect your website as well. With Magento, you may end up wasting time and getting poor results. With Shopify, you can have everything under your management.

  • Get Customized Solutions

With the assistance of Shopify Experts, you can develop your online store per your customized needs. The best part is you will not have to be an expert in different technical aspects whereas to use Magento, you will have to understand a few technical terms. Shopify gives you an edge to have your online store developed without any terms and conditions.

This shows how Shopify developers are providing a lot more convenience in getting the online store build. You will save time, effort, and money while getting your website migrated to the Shopify platform. Contact Shopify Plus developers now!