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    May 11, 2023

Top UX Features Every Magento Store Owner Should Implement

Magento Development Company is one of the most preferred companies, making E-Commerce hosting and management easy for many businesses. Unlike Amazon, it has many options to make one of the best E-commerce websites. In addition, better Management processes and deals to help E-Commerce businesses run smoothly. 

It is one of the deep applications requiring expertise to achieve the best possible results because running buy is a bit confusing. Magento Development Company is also one of the go-to websites for managing UX features that are visually better than any other e-commerce hosting application. According to data, WooCommerce is used because of its easy management. While Magento is used for a comprehensive variety of better management and visually appealing UX among 80% of the users. 

Let us in this article look out for distinct features that Magento developers provide to e-commerce businesses. 

Sorting out “sort options.”

One of the unique features that Magento provides is that they allow E-Commerce business website tools to make their own sorting list. The list helps the customers take out the option they want to view first in a group. For example, along 80% of The E-Commerce business website, It is seen that the customer sorts out price and name first to view. To do this, first, the users have to customize the options. Customize what they want to provide to the customers from Meganto’s default sort order. 

Live Search

One of the most important elements of an E-Commerce business website is that the website provides a live search view. It shows the available products with distinct differences and the area the customer lives in. A live search differs from a regular search. As it shows real-time search along with the products that customers want and are available in stock. Live search also looks out for the product with a different Matrix. Such as the locality availability, the number of products you can order according to the pin code and shipment, discount facilities range, and many more. A live search option is just like any search engine within the E-commerce website that helps you find a relatable product. 

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction also comes into play with Magento Development Company ux display. Thus, helps the customer with easy navigation and management by providing simple themes and options for e-commerce websites to set their websites in. Various themes are exclusive to Magento developers. Ensuring that the users or visitors get better and easy navigation without any tutorial. This way, not only the younger generation but also the older generation can get easy access encouraging profits for the business. 

Grouping categories

Another best advantage of it is grouping categories. It helps the customers look out for a different variety of products in different segments. This feature is also known as bread crumbs, and the segmentation of groups is known as crumbles. This also contributes to better navigation on the website. 


UX is a very important feature for E-Commerce business websites. To attract customers, ensuring no chance of slip-out and retaining the customer to its maximum ability. Try Magento Development Company to explore new UX features to expand your business website.