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    March 13, 2023

Why does your WooCommerce website need an SSL certificate?

With the increase in online business, cyber crimes have found new ways to hamper websites. This makes it critical for businesses to ensure their website offers the utmost security. Specifically, eCommerce websites where customers share vulnerable data like name, address, and make transactions. So, to give an additional layer of protection to your customers, consult your web development agency. The agency and experts can guide you and help you add SSL certification. Why? Let’s find out:

Here are some key reasons that make SSL certification important for all websites:

Give additional protection against hackers

WooCommerce web developers suggest SSL certification to business owners due to its protection from hackers. HTTPS is a type of protocol in SSL that send information between a device and a website in a secure way. Moreover, the information used here is in the form of encryption. This makes it difficult to comprehend. The SSL security also uses additional security with sensitive data like debit or credit card information.

Improvement in website speed

The importance of website speed is well understood by WooCommerce web developers and SEO experts. Moreover, search engine rankings are highly affected by website speed. It also determines if customers will visit your website or not. For instance, if your website loads 2-3 seconds lower than others, those seconds are enough for visitors to leave your site. Therefore, websites must have a fast loading speed. Contrary to views, HTTPS helps in website loading. There is only a slight difference between HTTP and HTTPs, HTTPs are faster.

End-to-End encryption

End to End encryption is a secure communication process in which information has additional protection. Also, prevented in a way that third-party cannot access it. During encryption, the data is converted into a format that only the device where the data was sent can decrypt. The best part about using SSL certification is its encryption system. Therefore, sensitive information like credit card numbers is in encryption. WooCommerce web agency suggests SSL certification for every eCommerce website. Consequently, SSL certification will make the information inaccessible to any other services, except the recipient.

Credibility and authenticity

Good mark websites that are not secure with ” Danger sign” and most inform visitors about it. So, if your target audience visits your website without security, they are most likely to see the sign. It will affect your brand credibility and make your brand look less trustworthy. Your reputation or brand image will hamper the market. Therefore, it is important to use SSL certification during WooCommerce web development. In addition, it will help you build a credible and authorized website for your customers.


Security for any website is important not only for your business but to ensure you offer a secure place to your customers. Your customers will share their vulnerable data by placing their trust in you. So, any cyber attack or security leak will make your brand distrustful. Therefore, make sure you use an SSL certificate for security during WooCommerce website development.