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    May 11, 2023

YouTube Embraces Live Shopping With Full Implementation

YouTube is all set to expand its live shopping feature, partnering with Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the market that have helped in launching an integrated livestream shopping feature to help gain traction and bring a traffic inflow to the businesses. This is an especially great move as with this collaboration, even creators have access to directly connect their Shopify stores to their profiles. Having a backup from an e-commerce SEO agency will help them in bringing an organic traffic percentage while being able to keep track of their inventory and assist the customers in onsite checkout. This would mean that the customers won’t need to leave YouTube while making a purchase

Eligibility Criteria

Live shopping is most popular in Asia among other countries and a lot of influencers host shoppable livestream events where users can buy the products. This has shown to have a major success rate as ByteDance tripled live shopping sales just in the last year alone. E-commerce SEO experts highly predict the future of live shopping through online streaming. However, not every content creator can avail of this option of allowing and enabling their subscribers or customers to shop from the websites. 

The expanded shopping feature can be used by eligible content creators who have a monetized channel. The channel must be based in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available and the content is not marked as “Made for Kids”. They cannot tag these products in the live stream. As per a report made on shopping events by McKinsey Digital, there are a lot of impulsive shoppers. While retaining them can be difficult, having them go through the website can prove to be very profitable.

The lesser, the better

As per Chris Vaccarino, the founder, and CEO of the company Fanjoy, live shopping is looking to be the future of e-commerce because it is minimizing the steps that the buyers go through. He said, “Getting someone to take action is harder because you have to go to the bio, click the link, and then kind of click out. The less amount of clicks to get them to buy, the better.”

This is because if the process is lengthy, then the buyer will lose interest in shopping and will end up leaving the website. However, if the entire process is quick, then there is a higher chance that the lead will turn into a conversion. An e-commerce SEO company like Shopify enables creators to sell their products without the user leaving the YouTube platform.

Youtube remains optimistic when it comes to living shopping as they believe that the future of online shopping is through live streaming. The Shopify VP of product said, “We believe that creators are the next generation of merchants. And YouTube has been a long-time leader in powering this new cohort of entrepreneurs.”


The future of online shopping lies with live streaming and eligible creators can take advantage of this amazing feature to promote and sell their products. This is one of the best e-commerce marketing solutions where users do not need to go through a lengthy process to buy things from a YouTube channel.