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    April 14, 2023

5 AI Techniques you need to Know to personalize your eCommerce experience

AI- Artificial Intelligence and Personalized experience are not new terms in the eCommerce world. Businesses develop strategies, find ways, and strive to make their platform more personalized for a better user experience. AI is one of the best technologies to make the personalized experience more realistic and real-time for website users. So, WooCommerce web developers integrate AI in website development to bring a personalization eCommerce experience. Personalization is not an easy task, according to reports 75% of personalized leaders dedicate time and effort to creating a strategy. In this article, you will learn about some top AI techniques that you can implement for better personalization. 

Segmentation of customers with AI 

If you ever used Facebook ads, you might know how unique their customer segmentation is. Similarly, to create better segmentation so that your website can target the right audience, AI can be used. If you talk about segmentation without AI, it’s quite basic. These include location, age, gender, or some behavioral data. However, with the integration of AI, this segmentation can be improved. You can capture valuable data such as historical purchases, previous history, site views, and more using AI. 

Product Discovery 

Let’s just understand this way, when a web user visits an eCommerce site, they will spend only a few seconds making a decision. So, as a business or website owner, you have only some time to convince your visitor to stay for some time to convert them into customers. The best way to acquire their time is by providing accurate products they are looking for. Using AI when you know better and high accuracy of customer segmentation product discovery sections become slightly easier and more effective. Therefore, Shopify plus developers can use AI to create product recommendations and category suggestions. 

Content Creation 

Apart from design elements, and products, content is a critical part of a website. As Magento developers, content creation of every part of the website is a hectic task. It takes a lot of thinking processes, writing, trials, and tests to finalize. However, now there are many AI tools available online that help developers to create content quickly. The content looks good, but Google has its own way of finding AI content. AI saves your time and effort in content creation, but you have to be a little careful with it. In addition, you can use AI tools that can allow the quick flow of content. 

Fraud detection 

Fraud is a big issue in eCommerce, and integrating AI into your platform will help you detect it. Virtual assistants used by WooCommerce web developers on websites can recognize red flags in behaviors to detect fraud. 

Content allocation and promotion 

After content creation, reaching the right person is critical. AI-powered tools can help users with content promotion and customer segmentations that will encourage shoppers to take action. AI will increase the chances of shoppers taking action on your promotional content with high accuracy of customer segmentation. 


AI is penetrating everywhere and eCommerce websites are actively taking advantage of technology. Shopify Plus developers can use these AI techniques on websites to integrate the benefits and maximize the advantages.