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    April 14, 2023

New Data Structure introduced by Shopify

Shopify always works on its platform to bring new features, updates, plug-ins, and more to improve the platform for users. As an existing or potential website owner, you would want better options to attract more customers. You need a system, network, or technologies that are easy to handle as a merchant as well as for your customers. Therefore, Shopify works on its updates on features for products, post-purchase campaigns, and more. Now, Shopify has introduced new features that Shopify experts can use for websites.

More Customized Data Management Solutions 

Data management can not only help web developers but also Shopify SEO experts. Handling data effectively on your website can help website owners to optimize effectively and rank websites higher. Shopify brings more customization and flexibility with features like meta fields and metaobjects. Here’s how it works:

  • Metafields: Metafield is an approach through which users can add extra information on website elements. Website elements such as Product descriptions, product collections, etc., need better information for users to understand. So, with meta fields merchants can add more information. More information will help ecommerce SEO experts to incorporate keywords in information for the target audience. In addition, Shopify allows merchants or Shopify developers to include company locations, customize with better text, and bring more power to automate collection. 
  • Metaobjects: With the metaobject feature of Shopify, merchants can use more customized content on websites. This ultimately allows brands to develop and display more exquisite and high-standard content on their website. Meta Objects include features like size guides, lookbooks, product highlights, designer profiles, raw materials, and events. Where users can display information like FAQs, profiles, quizzes, collection banners, and more. Moreover, if you also sell products internationally, you can use meta objects with translation features to cater to different markets. 

In addition to this, both meta fields and meta-objects can also improve system integration. They can also extend the back office workflow of merchants or Shopify Plus experts

Third-Party Content Handling or Management Solutions

A Shopify Plus agency now can use third-party content management tools with Shopify’s unique features. Shopify offers website developers to use fast, robust, and secure APIs to manage and integrate third-party content. In addition, Shopify also uses or works with the Sanity Connect app. The app allows you to connect custom content models with websites. 

If you walk through these features carefully, they offer different benefits and customization that you can use as per business requirements. So, if you want to improve your website for target customers, integrate these features into websites. It will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a website. 


Shopify is one of the popular platforms for eCommerce sites. In order to provide a better system and user experience, they innovate and bring new features every now and then. The above-stated features are recently launched with more flexibility. Features are launched in order to provide more customization options to merchants. So, a Shopify development company can take advantage of these features for websites in many ways.