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    April 14, 2023

Why are Shopify Functions replacing Shopify Scripts?

If you read about Shopify upgrades or changes, you might know that Shopify is going to change its Shopify scripts into functions. Shopify platform regularly brings updates and improves its function regularly to provide better services to its users. The platform aims to increase versatility and develop a robust platform through these changes. This article will go through Shopify functions, Shopify scripts, and why it’s being replaced. 

Shopify Functions 

The Shopify function is a feature that allows Shopify plus developers to customize backend logic to power the Shopify store. Functions use an app to work and provide benefits of many features or capabilities after implementation. 

From 2023, Shopify scripts will be eliminated from the platform and no longer be available for Shopify Plus users. 

Reasons Shopify functions replacing Shopify scripts

Enhanced user experience 

Shopify designed functions for better user experience, so a Shopify plus agency can customize platforms as per their requirements. Store admin can create custom checkout functions that give interactive options to your users. For instance, using functions you can apply the logic that creates some % of discount as per volume. Thus, giving you a better opportunity to encourage your customers to make purchases. This will also lead to reduced cart abandonment and reduced purchases. Shopify functions-based apps are developed into the admin section which means a separate interface is not required.

Extension to existing functionality 

Shopify’s pre-written scripts with a small number of functions allow users to set up quickly, but they used to offer limited versatility. However, Shopify functions are extensions of these existing functionalities. Moreover, they are designed as language agnostic which means any programming language can work. If you compile with WebAssembly and create a program less than 256kb, you can use functions. Shopify scripts were limited with functions and versatility in terms of language usability. With the introduction of Shopify functions, Shopify brings more control, versatility, and flexibility for a Shopify plus web development company. 

Change in expert responsibilities 

Shopify experts now do not need to work on complex codes, their efficiency will increase. The functions are developed to help developers and reduce complexities. With the use of Shopify functions, the ecosystem develops websites through function-specific apps. In addition, if a store demands a complex solution due to the need for high functionality, a custom app can be used to build it. This would include initial time to create an app and ongoing support for hosting and maintenance.

The benefits of this upgrade for Shopify Plus users include more functionality and amendments for checkout systems and more control, and options for owners, providing access to apps developed by Shopify developers.


Shopify was using scripts with a limited approach to functions, but they were not offering versatility to users. So, with the introduction of Shopify functions and the replacement of Shopify scripts, a Shopify Plus agency can create effective websites. These functions will bring more control and customizable facilities for users. So, developers can now use more versatile features for websites to improve creativity and user experience.