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    December 20, 2022

Best Magento Hosting for Speed & Security

Setting up an eCommerce business on the internet comes with its own set of difficulties. The task is not restricted to getting the online store created only; rather, the whole host of activities are there to take care of. For a business, the leading priority is to select the appropriate platform to realize its eCommerce goals. Unless and until they select the best eCommerce platform, they would not be able to stay appropriate in the increasingly competitive market. They should trust only the platform which is useful to businesses regardless of the industry verticals. More so, they have to trust a platform that is cost-effective in several aspects.

What’s the solution?

Magento is here!

In a way, modern businesses should trust Magento to meet their varied eCommerce needs with effortless ease. This platform is open source in nature offering the benefit of installing, altering, or editing in each way businesses consider fitting to meet their specific requirements. Its codes can be squeezed to add a few features & this way, eCommerce web portals can be made as influential as needed. More so, there will be several free extensions to install to boost the functionality of the website. More so, it has the support of a big community of Magento developers to keep the platform as fast, efficient, & secure as needed for online eCommerce businesses.

Correspondingly, Magento is the only content management system that is fully dedicated to eCommerce. It has all those sorts & specs required to set up the commerce website with ease & attract buyers for transaction determinations.

What’s more? It is a highly scalable platform that is capable of scaling up with the growth of the business. Thus, whether yours is a small online shop or a layered commerce portal, the platform will get all those features & enhancements required during different stages of the business life cycle. This scalability attribute alone makes it the most favored eCommerce platform available in the market.

High Performance

More so, Magento delivers high performance as it is a highly proven platform in terms of page load speed, query processing time, & many other speed-related factors. It leverages high-end caching techniques & retrieves outcomes against queries in a few seconds. Moreover, it is fitted with open system architecture & simply delivers a unique user experience all across devices. Using a platform offers businesses control over the look and feel & performance of their eCommerce website. What’s more? It is now possible for businesses to create numerous online stores with the help of only one backend CMS, the feature suited to big businesses with ‘n’ numbers of products & services to deal with.

High Security

More so, Magento’s ecommerce development lets businesses have great control of all their inventory, billing, & customer info from just a single dashboard. It also brings easy integration with the whole host of third-party services related to payment gateways, shipping, etc. It is not only SEO friendly but also offers superior support for mobile commerce – a feature not available with other platforms around. Overall, Magento is the type of platform your business should benefit from irrespective of the industry vertical & scale of operations. After all, Magento is best suited to help you meet your eCommerce needs and goals with ease.

Enhancing the speed of websites is the utmost challenge which is known to eCommerce owners owing to its significance in driving conversions & search engine rankings. Most of the portals encounter that their average user attention span is getting shorter which depicts individuals are spending less time strolling via the entire website. This is most important because the website loads with more speed & nearly half of online buyers expect it to load in less than just three seconds. So, ensuring the high speed of the website is not only a prerequisite for better search engine results but also a great user experience. Observing this, it is worth nurturing more efforts for ecommerce retailers, owning Magento portals to optimize the speed. The following points explain some of the easy yet operational means of mounting the speed of websites that are built with Magento.

1). Sticking to a faster website hosting – The first and foremost way to assure the website’s speed is to choose a fast, reliable, & good host service provider which can offer high-speed connection, suitable security standards & full-fledged support. All three aspects assure lightning-fast loading speed of web portals besides eliminating the inconvenience of users.

2). Optimizing images – While images are the most important element of every eCommerce site & make up over half of the website’s total page weight, optimizing their sizes & compressing them can efficiently lift the speed of the pages. There are a variety of extensions for this purpose. Magento’s official marketplace provides easy-to-use plugins such as Compress JPEG and PNG images that reduce image size without suppressing its quality.

3). Enabling compilation – While Magento provides an exceptional compilation system for organizing all the installation files of the concerned website, one can beef up a page’s load time by nearly 50%. One just has to enable the tool for gathering from the admin dashboard of Magento by pressing the button ‘Run Compilation Process.

4). Utilizing Flat Catalog – Sustaining the vast database of hundreds of thousands of products under various classifications is a major bottleneck of Business sites that hamper the speed or performance. Allowing “Flat Catalog” can make a remarkable improvement in the site’s speed because it unites and organizes the vast spectrum of product types under a table. This slices down the time for database inquiring and quickness the loading speed for products/categories pages.

A website’s loading speed is mostly a vital facet defining the rate of lead conversions and directly affects the users’ span of the visit to a site. Further, a site with a seamless and swift loading speed is presumed to get more boost in search engine visibility. Thus, protecting these methods can take a website’s performance to a whole new level in terms of speed.

Taking up the right measure will come up as the big support for all time. Connect with Magento development company in case of any assistance is required.