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    May 11, 2023

Choosing the Best POS for Your Small Business: Shopify or Square?

When you are looking to create a business, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. Things will improve your website traffic and generate sales so that the business flourishes. So when we talk about POS or Point of Sale, we need to understand which is better for what kind of business. This will help us understand which e-commerce platform provides the better POS as per the business. A Shopify Development company and Square development company offer some of the famous POS that people use, so let us understand which one can benefit your business more:


Shopify: The lite plan comes at $9 and users are charged 2.9% per swiped transaction and an additional $0.30 for online transactions. The basic Shopify plan created by Shopify experts comes at a rate of $29 per month and charges a similar transaction percentage as the basic plan. The midtier plan comes at $79 per month and has multiple additional features which might not be available in the less-range plans. The advanced plan comes at $299 per month and is a great option for large-scale businesses. 

Square: Square doesn’t have any subscription fee so you do not need to pay anything per month to use it. However, they charge 2.6% and an additional $0.10 for a swiped transaction, 3.5% and an additional $0.15 per manually entered transaction, and finally, 2.9% and an additional $0.30 for an online transaction.

Key Features

Shopify: The key Shopify features include inventory management, customer-employee management, and sales analytics. Additionally, the integration for online and in-person sales is easy to set up and the Shopify developers have ensured that the platform also provides customer support and resources. 

However, Shopify functions with limited Android functionality, and the cost of upper-tier plans are quite steep. While the advanced plans are expensive but have many features, they lack basic plans, and hence not all businesses can get their hands on the advanced tools with the low-tier plans. 

Square: Square provides excellent inventory management support, offline mode, and the dashboard can be customized. Additionally, the no subscription fee is an added benefit and the intuitive user interface is easy and user-friendly. Apart from this, they have amazing and extensive features for a wide range of businesses. 

However, Square has limited customer support hours and options, and it also lacks the features that large-scale businesses might need for their business. The pricing may look steep for home businesses or small ones as they charge per transaction. 


To conclude, Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform and is extensively famous among retailers who are looking to use these platforms to set up their businesses. The e-commerce leader has been navigating and leading the sector for a long time and hence, the competition is tough. While Shopify is great for small and large-scale e-commerce businesses, Square is more convenient for businesses that lie in restaurants, coffee shops, and other food-related sectors. The platforms come at a more or less draw zone with each having its own advantages and drawbacks and users need to check which platform fits their business best.