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    May 11, 2023

Comparison Between Shopify and Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms that thousands of retailers use for their businesses both small and large. Shopify Developers ensure that the platform is available and usable by merchants of all sizes, making it one of the e-commerce giants in the market at the moment. The user-friendly interface, advanced plans, customizable options, and dedicated customer support make it a go-to platform for businesses. 

However, we might wonder how Shopify and Shopify Plus are different. Is it worth investing in Shopify Plus instead of the basic version? Let’s find out!


The standard Shopify has four easy-to-understand pricing tiers per month with the lite plan coming at $9, the basic plan coming at $29, the mid-tier plan coming at $79, and the advanced plan coming at $299. There is a 14-day complimentary trial that is available for users.

Shopify Plus pricing is different as the software is complex and the final price is based on the sales volume. Businesses pay a minimum of $2000 per month for setups and integrations and once the business reaches $80,000 in sales for the month, the plan switches to a revenue-based model. This model maxes out at $40,000.


Shopify experts ensure that the customer remains loyal and friendly, which is why they have some of the top features that you will need to boost your business. This includes a user-friendly interface, loyal customer support, professional and customizable themes, branding, domain names, as well as shopping cart features. 

Shopify Plus Developers ensure that the platform has all the standard Shopify features and more, that help local merchants reach a higher revenue amount. You can manage all your stores from a single location. Basically, if you are looking to grow your business faster, then Shopify Plus can greatly help you as it offers access to Merchant Success programs, Shopify Plus partner programs, etc. 

Sales Limit and Extra Features

Shopify Plus offers an unlimited sales limit, whereas Shopify has a technically unlimited limit, but suggests a limit of 100,000. Post this, the user might need to change the plan based on the business revenue. 

When it comes to extra features, both have lots to offer. Shopify allows the user to sell unlimited products, which also includes digital products, and offers abandoned cart recovery services where the merchant can send an email to the user regarding the abandoned cart. Moreover, they offer gift cards, and professional reports also. Shopify Plus has all these features and in addition to that, Shopify Plus also offers report builders real-time carrier shipping support. A Shopify Plus agency offers all the advanced plans that Shopify provides.


To sum up, Shopify is multidimensional and a very user-friendly platform that supports businesses of almost every kind. Regardless of the size of the business, there is a plan for everyone and many large-scale businesses opt to switch to Shopify Plus to have a better growth aspect. Shopify Plus, in a basic sense, is a top-tier Shopify plan, because it is expensive, but has advanced features that can help brands build a more customized website for their business.