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    May 11, 2023

Shopify Teams up with Deliver to Develop Elastic Warehouse Capacity

The present market condition with inflation at its peak, demands cost-effective solutions, especially when it comes to e-commerce businesses. To ensure this, Shopify is integrating Deliver, which is an inline storage provider that Shopify acquired for $2.1B to build a cost-effective distribution network for the merchants for the speedy delivery of deliveries to the customers. This is arguably better than Amazon, as it gives Shopify the flexibility to function without any fixed costs like that of the network Amazon has. 

Though at the moment, a very small percentage of Merchants use Deliver, Shopify is expecting that this will change once the integration is complete as per the Shopify Experts.

What it offers

The entire idea of using Deliver for merchants is to make the entire process cost-effective and this is done by using software and w \orking with partners. These partners have a network of warehouses, carriers, as well as delivery providers who make the entire process much cheaper. With this system, the firms avoid the fixed costs and the capacity limitation like Amazon has. This limit in capacity caused a slowdown in demand during the pandemic when the fulfillment capabilities and demand shot up. 

As per Jeff Hoffmeister, Shopify’s Chief Financial Office, “Some of the technology we got from Deliver allows us to do this in a distributed way, and then tackle some of the things which Amazon and others have in terms of problems we don’t have.”

Logistical Benefits

As per Aaron Brown, the CEO of Shopify Logistics Group, “Our combined team strengthens [Shopify Fulfilment Network’s] ability to manage merchant inventory from ‘port to porch’ as merchandise arrives at domestic ports, travels to and throughout the warehouse network, gets distributed across sales channels and ultimately arrives at the consumer’s doorstep.”

The team hopes that they can be independent businesses and access a platform that provides end-to-end logistical features. 

Shopify Developers are working closely with Deliver and Flexport to help the continuum of services and ensure that merchants have all the logistical benefits within a standard cost. Shopify, Walmart, and Amazon have worked out the key point between making money and simultaneously earning merchant loyalty, just by offering a single point of access to the logistical zone. This logistical area will handle all the steps that are to take place once the customer clicks on the buy button on the website. 

All of these are done by a Shopify Development company to ensure that merchants and businesses of all types and each scale get a chance to deliver their goods to the customers, without burning a hole in their pockets.


To sum up, Shopify experts ensure that they offer a range of services to its merchants and these exclusive features are what make Shopify the go-to platform for so many e-commerce businesses and retailers. And the initiative to reduce the logistical cost is only going to ensure that the company stays in its top game in the market and remains the leading e-commerce platform for multiple businesses.