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    May 11, 2023

Shopify’s Shop App Live Stream Feature Put to the Test by Pit Viper

The fashion apparel brand made news when it released the partnership face with The Stable and Stage TEN, to pioneer Shopify’s new Shop app live stream capabilities, which was to be hosted just before Christmas. Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce giants and with their obvious market presence, the entertainment and real-time shopping partnership is expected to being a lot of value and drive additional sales. A Shopify Development company provides all those features to retailers that can help them not only in setting up the business but also in generating substantial traffic to bring in sales. Live shopping has grown rapidly and has built momentum with famous brands like General Mills, Walmart, and even Tommy Hilfiger.

Pit Viper Holiday Live Stream Recap Hosting

The Stable was acquired by Accenture Song which is one of the largest digital agencies globally and had already worked with international brands like General Mills. So they are always reevaluating the status-quo, while the team simultaneously looks to improve and help the clients in creative aspects to sell their products across all main channels. Pit Viper had been working in close collaboration with The Stable since 2019, and thus it is only fitting for them to leverage the shop’s app’s new live stream capabilities to grow their D2C brand. 

The live stream was hosted by Brent Tippie, who is a professional freeride mountain biker, and his wife Sarah Fenton Tippie. The Shop’s new live streaming capabilities are powered by Stage TEN which makes it easy for digital shoppers to check out, experience, and purchase products from a brand in one place. You can interact with the representative of the brand and also enquire about the product in case you have any queries. 

Tom Novakoski, Head of Sales at Stage Ten mentioned, “We are so happy Pit Viper partnered with Stage TEN for this event. They have a great brand with an engaged community and products that are fun to buy in a live shopping experience. Shop’s ability to notify the Pit Viper community was a real game changer. It’s one thing to go live, but it’s a whole other story when you can notify a large audience to tune in. It’s exciting for all retailers to be able to interact with qualified buyers in this new conversational commerce.”

Shopify Experts predict that is going to help them help brands find ways to connect with digital shoppers and consumers who are looking for video entertainment while simultaneously looking to shop.


Shopify Developers are always working to create unique products in their platform that can make things easy for the crowd and profitable for them. And infusing entertainment with shopping is one of the best ways to ensure that the users are engaged and don’t just window shop. An interactive environment like having a chai with a consultant further firms your belief in a product and this often results in a higher conversion rate through the website.