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    May 11, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s EEA Program

eCommerce is all over the place now, hardly anyone who does know about eCommerce. Businesses that are offline are now switching to eCommerce with the acceleration of online sales and purchases of goods. In addition, customers or audiences who were accepting eCommerce businesses at a steady pace, now invest time and money on eCommerce purchases. Amazon is the biggest eCommerce company ever since the word eCommerce has become popular. 

They regularly bring initiatives, programs, and other ways to enhance their eCommerce business for customers. Recently, Amazon launched EEA- European Expansion Accelerator. The new features in EEA allow sellers to expand Amazon marketplaces in the United Kingdom and Europe. In addition, these features were requested by sellers in Europe years ago. 

Amazon approves and brings EEA into action

EEA- European Expansion Accelerator features were requested by sellers in Europe. The Vice President of seller services Europe, Xavier Flamand says ” EEA is a key solution of our selling partners that was missing for years; to grow and offer many new products to Amazon customers in different stores. We are pleased to be able to now offer this two-click step to sellers in Europe so that they can grow and expand their businesses with Amazon.” 

Enterprise brands should focus on EEA- Why? 

Enterprise brands need to focus on EEA for two reasons- 

  • Retail markets and media in European countries are growing despite uncertainty in global economies. 
  • The EEA program helps your brand to expand easily in a diverse customer base and build your presence in multiple markets. 
  • Amazon will remove all the logistic hurdles and help you in expansion. 

So, an eCommerce SEO company can help you diversify and expand your stores and reach out to customers with SEO. 

Automatic account set-up execution 

The best part about the EEA program is its automatic execution. Sellers do not have to put much effort into starting the expansion of their eCommerce stores. With the help of eCommerce SEO experts, all sellers need to do is take these steps: 

  • Access the page in seller central merchants to get an idea about locations or areas where they are not selling. 
  • Select a marketplace where you need to expand your store with just one click as described on the page. 
  • The execution of account setup, details, shipping setup, translation, product eligibility check, listings, catalog customization, etc., will be done automatically with Amazon’s system. 

Users have to list products on Amazon only once, EEA allows users to use the existing tools. In simple words, you will list once and sell globally with one click for marketplace expansion. The rest of the optimization will be done by an eCommerce SEO agency

Active European sellers 

Merchants who already sell in one of the countries like France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, etc., can use this tool for free to expand their sales channels. 

Final Thoughts 

The EEA program has given opportunities to merchants to expand their sales channel in European countries and the UK. You only need an eCommerce SEO agency to reach customers and survive the competition in the marketplace.