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    May 11, 2023

Google Search Console Introduces New Reports for Merchants

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Also, it provides some necessary tools that are very much important in today’s generation. So, today we are here to discuss one such tool and the latest news related to it. Google Search Console is one of the most vital tools created by Google that helps website owners to supervise and enhance the functioning of their website to crawl and rank better in Google Search Results. E-commerce SEO agency use this tool to get their work done. 

So, without any further delay, let’s dig deep into the topic.

E-commerce SEO experts read valuable data and insights about the website’s performance, like impressions, data on clicks, and CTR(Click Through Rates). 

A few days ago, Google Search Console presented the latest reports for the merchants. These reports are designed to help them and make them understand the performance of their website that is related to online sales and e-commerce.

Thus it will help the conversion rate optimization agency to work more efficiently.

Product Results and Product Prices

Accordingly, the new reports “Product Results” and “Product Prices.” will help the merchants to overview the valuable data regarding insights that will show the performance of their products and services in Google Search Results. The e-commerce SEO agency will now be able to handle all the functions regarding SEO more easily. Valuable information related to the product results, like the CTR of each product, visibility, and the number of clicks the product received, all these alternatives will now be available to the merchants so that they can see which product is getting the most attention in the market. 

On the other hand, product price reports include the comparison of the prices of their products to similar products by other retailers. It will genuinely help the merchants to survive in the competition of the market. 

Other E-Commerce and Sales Related Reports

E-commerce SEO agency claim that Google Search Console also provides a wide range of other online sales and e-commerce-related reports. One of those examples is the Performance reports that provide the performance of the website, data per click, CTRs, and impressions.

On the other hand, Enhancement reports give suggestions to enhance the website in a proper way in order to improve the visibility of the website and attract more sales. 

How to Use 

Nowadays, merchants can make use of Google Search Console and help online retailers to know the areas that should be improved, and accordingly, websites would be optimized. The valuable information from the insights and Search Console allows and helps the merchants to determine some valuable decisions regarding product selection and pricing.

To use the new reports for merchants by Search Console, the owners of the websites are required to create a Google Search Console account and confirm a verification for that ownership. Once it’s done, now they can handle the reports by clicking on the “Search Appearance” option present in the Performance Tab.


Thus, these new reports by Google Search Console will help the merchants to compete in the market and survive and work more effectively in the market. It will generally boost online sales and e-commerce activities more in the coming time.