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    February 22, 2023

How to Create a New Theme Template in Shopify?

The Shopify themes are themes our merchants utilize in their ecommerce stores. Every month, thousands of entrepreneurs download these templates, most of them developed by our partners. 

You can check out our blog for regular updates on how to create themes and have them listed on Shopify Theme Store. 

The Shopify themes are templates which determine how your site appears and feels to visitors who browse your shop. 

Different themes have different designs and layouts, and additionally, each theme has an individual UX according to its construction.

Whatever theme you pick, its success will ultimately depend on your images and other contents. The most enhancing built, well-constructed Shopify theme won’t appear appealing if your images aren’t good enough.

Steps to Create a New Theme Template in Shopify

  • Log in to your Shopify administrator panel, then go through the Online Store -> Themes section.
  • Click the dots and choose the Edit HTML/CSS.
  • Find the Templates folder, and then click the Add an additional template link:
  • Let’s design a different template displayed on your Contacts page. Select the option for the page in the dropdown list, and then give the page an appropriate name (for instance, contact. Alternate). There are different options for creating a brand new template (article or blog, or product, for example.).
  • Hit the button to create a template to save the new template for your page:
  • When your new template for a page is completed, it will be added to the Templates folder so that you can modify it. In this case, it’s the page. Contact. Alternate. Liquid file.
  • When a new template has been made, you will be able to see the template’s standard code within the template’s file. You can amend it to meet your preferences. For example, let’s go to the page. Contact. Liquid document and then copy the content into our new template so that it can be modified.
  • Let’s take out this Google maps code in this template to understand how it functions. Hit the Save button at the top of the page to save the changes you made:
  • Now, you must create your new template on an existing web page (The Contact Us page is the one we’ll use in this case). Go to the Online Store -> Pages section, then open the Contact Us page:
  • Look for the Template section located on the right-hand left side. Pick your template from the dropdown list of options.
  • Hit the Save button to save your modifications
  • Refresh your site’s page to check the latest changes. The Contacts page has a new template right now, and you can edit the template’s files according to your preferences.

Do You know how to make an online template for your page within Shopify?

The design of your online store is among the most crucial features of an online company. It’s among the first things your potential customer will see when they decide to purchase from you; therefore, it’s essential to get it correct. Shopify’s theme store has the home of more than one hundred themes, and it’s a challenge to distinguish the great from the grubby. 

Things to Remember When Creating a Shopify Theme

 We’ve created a list with essential features that will help you find the perfect themes for the store you’re running.

  • Easy to Navigate

Select the Shopify themes that allow you to display a few levels to your navigation as you can. 

Choose a theme that allows a mega menu to be displayed over only standard dropdowns, as this allows you to show a variety of hyperlinks in the same area. 

Each Shopify theme also comes with an option in the footer menu to display any other links, including hyperlinks that refer to the Delivery and Returns policy and your store’s terms and conditions.

  • Flexible to Use On Every Device

Select the most mobile-friendly design, as Shopify Plus developers opt to block specific features from smaller screen sizes. 
Do not overdo it with the bells and whistles since this could impact the speed of loading your website and possibly lose your visitors’ attention.

  • Beautiful, Large Photos and Videos Which Make It More Eye Catching

It’s up to you. The Shopify store you select will allow you to show your offerings to your clients. 

This should contain an appropriate mix of lifestyle and product images, ensuring that the buyer can see the items they’re purchasing from various angles. 

Do not include every image you get from the brands you carry, or your store will become a mess.

  • Well-Structured Blog to Give Relevant Information About the Work

An organized, well-thought-out blog is vital when selecting a suitable Shopify theme. 

The blog must have the ability to add tags on your blog posts to make them easy to navigate and also SEO-related assistance and gorgeous, huge images featured. 

The Shopify theme guidelines also stipulate that theme designers should feature prominent blog posts – including prominent images on the homepage of each theme.

  • Good Support and Good Documentation from The Start to The End

If you’re planning on using Shopify and Shopify, you must ensure that you have a reliable support system to back you up. 

Be aware of how comprehensive the theme’s documentation is and the variety of channels that you have to use to contact the Shopify Plus experts

Reviews can provide you with an insight into how helpful the customer support department is because this is typically the first thing people talk about when they leave a review.

Bring to the Closure…

The style and feel of your e-commerce store are determined by Shopify themes. Varied themes have different designs and layouts, and each has its own user experience (UX) based on its structure. 

There are several ways to make a brand-new template (article, blog, or product). 

More than a hundred themes are available in Shopify’s theme store, making it difficult to discern the good from the bad. 

We’ve compiled a list of vital features to assist you in finding the best themes for your store.

Choose Shopify themes that allow you to add a mega menu to your site. Your clients will be able to see your offerings if you choose a Shopify store. 

This should include a good mix of lifestyle and product shots. You can also hire a Shopify plus agency if you are still facing any difficulties.