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    February 22, 2023

What Are The Good Things About Using Shopify?

If you want a store that requires minimal configuration, Shopify is an apt platform. It is one of the most recommended platforms in the online marketplace today and by using it, you can build a flexible and scalable online store instantly. Store owners can sell products and services through the platform directly as well as across multiple social channels and marketplaces. There are various good reasons why you should be using Shopify some of which are as follows:

  • Easy to use

When it comes to Shopify, you don’t have to face any fuss because the platform’s advanced features make it easy for you to build and manage an online store effectively. It does not involve any technicalities or complex coding skills to enable you to host an online store. It has in-built software which allows you to launch an online store and facilitates an intuitive admin interface that is user-friendly and compelling. 

  • App Integration

With Shopify, you get a wide variety of customization opportunities and the platform can be integrated with other apps seamlessly as well. Hence, sellers can add some extra and unique features to their stores easily. They can also personalize the store’s functionality and enhance its performance. 

  • Visual Appeal

One of the best things about using Shopify is that you can access a wide range of exquisite and professional templates using which, you can create a visually appealing store that is unique and distinct from other online stores. From minimal themes to themes boasting various design elements, you can select one that fits your store perfectly. Sellers can also use the theme to create a user-friendly store that facilitates an exceptional and rich user interface. 

  • Loading Speed

The loading speed of your store is one of the most important requirements for success in the online sphere. Customers want sites to load fast and if a page takes more than three seconds to load, they consider it to be a poorly developed site and move on to another online store. Shopify has optimized hardware and software and is a globally used platform hence, its reliable infrastructure allows your store to have a fast loading speed that loads in a few seconds. 

  • Responsive

These days, it is highly important for all stores to be responsive in any kind of screen size because customers access stores using different devices such as phones, desktops, tablets, and the like. As such, a store should be designed to be responsive to any screen size, and Shopify’s themes are built to be responsive to all kinds of devices be it a phone or desktops. 

  • SEO Friendly

Building a store, adding products to it, and launching it aren’t enough. If your store isn’t ranking on the search results page, no customers will be aware of your store’s presence or be able to find it. Hence, this can be an obstruction to your store’s progress. With Shopify, you can build a search engine-optimized store by improving your landing pages accordingly and by adding elements and features catering to the SEO parameters and metrics. 

  • Easy Payment

Reliable and secure payment is one of the most important considerations in the online shopping sphere for both buyers and sellers. Hence, integrating a payment gateway that is secure and also facilitates different payment options is essential and Shopify allows you to do the same easily. Moreover, with Shopify’s Stripe payment option, buyers can perform transactions without extra charges. 

Final Thoughts

Platforms like Shopify have also increased the fascination of sellers to open an online store seeing how easy it is to build a store in seconds and launch it as well. Shopify is a great platform for increasing your ROI and boosting your business revenue too. To make great use of it and derive profits, be sure to select an apt theme. You can connect with the Shopify Plus agency if you would require any further assistance.