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    May 11, 2023

How to Integrate Your Shopify Store with eBay?

If we talk about e-commerce platforms, it would be an injustice to forget about Shopify and eBay. We all know that these two platforms have brought unique and significant benefits to online businesses. So, let’s not waste time and get into the crux of the topic. 

Today’s blog will discuss how you could join or integrate your Shopify store with eBay. So, stay tuned because, by the end of this article, you will get every valuable piece of information that will help you to grow your online business and expand the reach of your products to a broader market. Thus it will help you boost the audience count on your website. 

Let’s find out some steps prescribed by Shopify experts that will help you link your Shopify store with eBay.

Step 1: Set up an eBay Account

The very first step in this process starts with creating an eBay account. Also, if you have an existing account, then there is no need to create another one; just skip this step. If you want to set up an eBay account, then visit the official website of eBay, and there will be a “Register” button; you just need to click on it, and you will get some guidelines to formulate your account.

Step 2: Linking up the Shopify store with eBay

The very next step is what Shopify developers want from us. This step demands us to use an eBay app that is developed and designed to connect with Shopify. One popular app that Shopify experts suggest to us for this purpose is the eBay Connect app.

Follow these several steps to link your Shopify with eBay using the eBay Connect app:

  1. Search for the eBay Connect app by visiting the Shopify app store.
  2. Install it and follow the guidelines suggested by the Shopify development company so that you can set it up properly.
  3. Integrate your eBay account with the app.
  4. List all the products and services you want to sell on eBay and then set the pricing along with the shipping options. 
  5. Launch your listings after customizing the eBay listing templates.

Step 3: Managing the eBay Listings through Shopify

After your Shopify store gets connected with eBay, it opens up the premium plans provided by the Shopify Plus agency to us. It helps you manage your eBay listings from Shopify. Keeping track of every sale and inventory gets easier within both platforms.

Follow these several steps to get control over your eBay listings:

  1. Visit the Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. There will be a “Sales Channels” option on the left-hand side of the menu bar. Click on it.
  3. Select the eBay option.
  4. Now you can manage everything, starting from your eBay listings, sales, and orders up to control over the settings. 

Step 4: Control your inventory and fulfill every order

Shopify experts suggest after the integration of your Shopify store with eBay, it is a very important and significant step to manage the inventory and fulfill every order routine-wise within a perfect schedule. Managing inventory and tracking sales across both platforms is quite easy.

Follow several steps to manage the above-mentioned tasks:

  1. Visit the Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Select and click on the “Orders” button.
  3. Track and manage your inventory and orders from here.


We hope you learned plenty. We expect now the whole process will benefit you in understanding better.