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    February 21, 2023

How You Can Use An Alternate Template In Shopify Theme Development

There is surely no denying that you will have a lot of responsibility once you launch an online store and if you do not fulfil the same, your store may fail to be ahead of its competitors. Moreover, when it comes to running an online store, you must also focus on the search engine ranking aspect because if your store is not ranking high enough, potential customers will not be able to see it and be aware of your store’s presence. While all of this may seem daunting, the good thing is that various Shopify Plus developers specialize in developing the best theme suitable for your Shopify website and this can help you achieve more conversions and sales for your store. A Shopify Development company can help with many aspects of your store and this can increase the conversions and sales of your store.

The face of shopping has changed to a huge extent ever since stores started selling products on the Internet too but ever since the lockdown, the reliance on online stores has increased more than ever. People have started realizing that online stores offer more variety and diversity of products. much more affordable rate than offline stores. Moreover, these stores also enable shoppers to shop with convenience as they only need to browse products from their devices and place an order. The order will then be fulfilled and delivered to their doorstep within the estimated date. Seeing that online stores offer limitless benefits, people are preferring online shopping more, and hence, the e-commerce industry is witnessing massive success recently.

The success of the e-commerce industry also means that now, more people are aspiring to create an online store and take their business forward in the online sphere. Most people rely on Shopify for creating and managing a store because it is a platform that is easy to use and affordable as well. Shopify offers a vast range of themes that can represent your store and give it a more attractive look. You even have the option to customize the themes so that they can look and feel more personal. As a result, it can be seen why many store owners are increasingly relying on Shopify, particularly in the past 2-3 years.

What is the significance of Shopify themes?

Shopify themes can be considered the backbone of the platform as the wide variety of pre-designed themes is what makes the platform preferable for so many sellers worldwide. You can also hire Shopify experts to create a custom theme. Shopify themes are highly important for your online store for the following reasons.

  • Represents your store and brand 

Regardless of what kind of business you own, striving to increase your conversions and sales is essential. For efficient branding, you need a good branding strategy and the theme you select for your store is highly responsible for the kind of representation and impression you give about your store to potential customers. 

  • User experience 

When potential customers visit an online store, they expect the store to have a smooth interface, load quickly, and enable them to have a comfortable shopping experience. They expect the same from your store as well and therefore, a theme that supports a good loading speed, smooth user interface, and the like will enable your store to deliver better customer satisfaction which may encourage them to visit your store again.

  • Sets your store’s aesthetics

This is a world where people are constantly in search of aesthetic things. The likes of Pinterest and Instagram may have popularised the term “aesthetic” but there is no denying that even when it comes to online stores, the aesthetic and visual appeal of the store matters a lot. A good-looking theme will make your site look more attractive and aesthetic which may look inviting and potential customers may be tempted to check out your store. 

How do you choose a good Shopify theme?

There are a multitude of themes available on Shopify but there are also a multitude of sellers using the platform so if you want a theme that feels exclusive to your store and can make your store stand out, you must consider the following tips. 

  • Choose a unique theme 

Shopify themes can be easily customized to take advantage of this feature and add some personal touch to the existing theme to make it look unique. If you want better assistance with the customization, you can hire a Shopify Plus agency and ask them to create a custom theme for your store. Since they hold a lot of expertise and skills in the sphere, you are sure to achieve great results through their assistance.

  • Choose a beautifully designed theme 

Much is said about beauty lies within but in today’s world, particularly in the online sphere, visual appeal matters a lot. If your store does not interest the eyes of online shoppers, they will not bother checking out the products in your store. Hence, the best way to make your store look beautiful and appealing is to choose a well-designed theme. Do not forget to keep your store’s design minimal either as minimalism is trending and a minimal theme can certainly attract more users to your store. 

  • Choose a theme that is relevant to your store

Apart from considering the functionality and the appeal of the theme, you must make sure that the theme resonates with your brand. The theme you are choosing must be able to represent the message and value of your store and the products you are selling. it must not confuse the shoppers. 

Shopify has a wide collection of themes and while you have all the freedom and flexibility to choose any theme you want, you must make sure to keep the above points in mind and pick the right theme for your store.

Tips for using an alternate template in Shopify theme development

As someone new to Shopify, you may assume that all of your blog posts, product pages, and the like are under the influence of the same theme or template but there are various ways in which you can incorporate alternate or varying templates to different pages. Here are the steps to create an alternate template.

  1. Local text editor: To give you are brief idea, here is what you need to do if you are using the Slate template. Go to the local text editor after your run the slate watch command to create an alternative template. The modifications will appear in your theme once you save the same. If you want to make these changes from the admin, you can make them through the Template Editor.
  2. Template editor: To add an alternate template using the Template Editor, you need to visit the theme’s templates folder. Following this, search for the template you want to edit. For instance, if you want to add a custom message to a range of apparel, you can create an alternative for the product. liquid

You can also hire a Shopify Theme Development agency to help you with an alternate template. Here are alternative steps you can follow if you want to use an alternate template in Shopify theme development.

  • Go to the type option to create your new template. For instance, you can select a product for an alternate product template. A meaningful name must be given to the new template so that when you are assigning it in the admin, you can easily find it. For instance, you can label an alternate product template that does not have any price as not-for-sale. Following this, you can edit the new template as per your choice. 
  • Another tip to create an alternate template through your Shopify admin is to go to the Online Store, and then select Themes or press G W T. Select the theme you wish to edit and click the … button. Following this, click Edit HTML/CSS. Now go to the Template folder and click on the “Add a new template link”. After this, select the apt option for your new template and give it a name. The final step is to add and save the new template. 

These are some simple steps you can follow to create an alternate template for your Shopify theme and do more with your store. Tweaking with the themes to enable your store to have a theme that exudes a personal vibe can make your store perform better and also help you get a store that you have always visioned. Therefore, do not limit your theme selection by applying the same template for all page types when you can follow these steps and get more creative with your online store’s themes and templates. 

Final Thoughts

Alternate templates are a great way to enhance your existing Shopify theme and give a unique essence to your online store. Implementing the same does not require much time and you can always rely on a Shopify Theme Development agency as well to help you create and incorporate an alternate template to your Shopify theme.