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    February 16, 2023

Introducing AI-Generated Product Descriptions Powered by Shopify Magic

Those who work or run Shopify websites will know product descriptions are critical for SEO and customer understanding. Shopify experts or website owners have to write product descriptions every time they introduce a new product on the platform. 

Recently, ChatGPT took the world by storm which indicates how AI is going to rule the coming years. People who are incorporating AI in their technology, and platforms to increase efficiency are leading the markets. Now, Shopify has jumped into AI technology. 

Shopify Magic has introduced an Ai feature that will help users to create descriptions instantly. New merchants who launch their websites have to go through a hectic schedule of product descriptions. Shopify SEO services used to take a significant amount in working on product descriptions. 

Insights on Shopify product descriptions

According to Shopify, there are more than a million products on the platform that do not use descriptions. Product descriptions are highly critical when it comes to SEO and helping customers understand the product. 

Customers often read through descriptions to know about the product and make purchase decisions. Products without description reduce the chances of a purchase decision. Therefore, customers need to bring results, and helping customers’ descriptions is important. 

Ai product descriptions- What it is and how it can help you? 

The ai product description is content generated using machines. When you put information or keywords in an Ai product description generator, it gives you a full-fledged written description that you can use for your products. Now, Shopify has incorporated Ai product descriptions with Shopify magic. Shopify Plus developers can use these tools to quickly create descriptions for n number of products. 

Here are some benefits of product descriptions

Reduce your product launch time

When you are developing a Shopify website, your product listings need descriptions. These descriptions are time-consuming and take effort to produce content. With the launch of the ai tool Shopify Magic, developers can quickly produce descriptions. Using these descriptions, you can launch your products much faster. Thus, reducing the product launch time. 

Generate product descriptions in a consistent tone: New merchants or existing merchants adding new products can maintain a consistent tone in their product descriptions. Using Ai product descriptions and Shopify magic, you can ensure consistency in the product description. Therefore, it will help you maintain a certain level of your website. Moreover, it will provide authenticity and help your customers uniformly understand your brand. 

Update large product catalog regularly 

Shopify SEO services often have to upgrade their client websites regularly including product descriptions. Merchants having large catalogs of products find it time-consuming. It takes a lot of effort, and time to create descriptions for a wide range of products. So, if you are upgrading your product descriptions for SEO or other purposes, the large catalog of products will be easy to maintain and upgrade. Therefore, it reduces your time and you quickly offer upgraded and new versions of product descriptions to customers. 

Helps you in efficiency and scalability 

AI is faster than human beings. Product descriptions written by Ai will take less time compared to what is written by humans. Moreover, humans will have to research to write product descriptions, unlike Ai platforms. Therefore, as Shopify developers or merchants, you can scale websites with endless products and product descriptions quickly. Ai will help you increase your efficiency and scalability compared to human-written content. In addition, it can help you create descriptions with more localization and personalization. 


Shopify developers hiring writers to create product descriptions will cost more compared to Ai-produced content in the long run. Due to reduced time and increased efficiency, you can bring more ROI with Shopify magic. You can produce simple, researched, and quality descriptions at less cost. Thus, merchants can save your website development and upgrade cost and developers can offer cost-effective services. 

Reduced customer inquiries 

Merchants can reduce customer queries by providing all the information beforehand. It will help customers as well as merchants. They will reduce queries and increase purchase decisions. 

Focus more on running your business

Rather than worrying about creating product descriptions, merchants can focus on business. Merchants do not need to worry about bandwidth, efficiency, or information produced for every product. Ai can do it for you. 

Turn off writer’s block 

When you create content via a human writer, there are changes in the writer’s blog. Consequently, the writers will take their time to create effective product descriptions. 

These are some of the effective benefits that Shopify&rsquo’s magic tool will provide. Merchants and < are strong>Shopify plus developers can take advantage of this tool to produce better results.

Shopify Magic Ai Product Description

Shopify launched its Ai product description generator Shopify Magic in February 2023. It will be available to merchants on their admin portal in the next few months. They can use this tool to instantly create product descriptions. 

To use this tool, Shopify experts or merchants have to follow some simple steps. 

  • Fill details: Fill out details of your product or keywords related to your product. Use keywords that you want to use for SEO rankings. Also, verify all the information you are providing. 
  • Generate: The ai tool will create an effective product description on the product setup page in the admin portal that you use for your product launch. 

Shopify magic is ready for a few merchants for initial use. All the Shopify merchants will be able to take advantage of the tool in the coming months. 


Shopify’s new Ai product description tool Shopify Magic is introduced which brings many benefits. Shopify SEO experts and merchants can take advantage of the tool to increase efficiency and reduce time. Ai has been making its way into different industries, and Shopify has entered this world. Merchants who are using or will be using ai for their product descriptions will have an edge. 

The result and impact of this tool are yet to be found. Once the merchants start using it, it would be interesting to see how it affects the website.