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    November 28, 2022

Shopify partner Vs. Shopify Plus expert: Key differences you should know about

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that has simplified online commerce to a huge extent. With the simplicity and ease of doing business, the lives of online sellers and buyers have been impacted by Shopify. For all startups/new businesses or big ventures, Shopify is the best-suited platform in terms of flexibility and integration possibilities. It is also the reason behind the growing popularity of the platform that suits all sorts of businesses. A trained Shopify expert can easily help any aspiring website owner to get a full-fledged online store.

If we dig deep into the Shopify eCommerce platform pricing plans, they are suitable for all levels of businesses. Starting from entrepreneurs to the flourished ones, any venture could be a Shopify user. The platform has already achieved a huge merchant base, that too in almost every business sector. The ever-growing community of the Shopify eCommerce platform is what helps each merchant and Shopify user to grow together. The community-building venture is referred to as the Shopify partner program and has achieved huge recognition in the market.

You might be having doubts about whether Shopify partners or Shopify Plus experts are the same or different? In this write-up, we are going to explain both of them in detail along with the benefits. Stick to the end of the article to know thorough details on the same.

Shopify Partners – Who Are They?

Shopify partners can be considered professionals in multiple eCommerce fields. They are known to provide dedicated support and solutions to online merchants. If you’re a Shopify Plus expert professional in platform-related requirements, the Shopify partner program is specifically available for you.

Shopify Plus experts Vs. Shopify Partners – Key Difference

Before diving into the differences, one thing is to be noted that they have a lot of common aspects too. You can understand them as two sides of one coin, but not identical in any regard. To become a Shopify Plus expert, the person needs to join the partner program first. Later, there would be a separate application for the eCommerce platform expert. If a Shopify professional wants to be displayed at Shopify Plus experts Marketplace, he/she needs to prove a track record of experience.

Anyone can become a Shopify partner by filling out a partner account form on the partner page. It will ensure you create countless online shops and apps to generate revenue along with earning passive income through referral.

Shopify Plus experts Marketplace is a premium source of sales for experts. You can be an established freelancer or agency before applying for the same. There are six major categorizations of experts serving different purposes.

1. Marketing Professionals

Going by the name, these experts are responsible for handling the Shopify store marketing and promotional tasks.

2. New Website Setup

These experts will assist you in setting up the online store without any hassle.

3. Troubleshooting Experts

These Shopify Plus experts are helpful in taking care of website maintenance. They are available to help with all sorts of maintenance related to the Shopify website.

4. Content and branding experts

Here, the Shopify Plus experts take care of keeping high-quality visuals on the online store.

5. Content writing experts

These Shopify Plus experts can create and deliver engaging forms of written content.

6. Guidance experts

These experts will provide efficient consultation and guidance regarding the Shopify store.

How to gain benefits as a Shopify Partner?

A Shopify partner gets an exclusive set of benefits in the form of free-of-cost training sessions & resources. These are helpful for anyone to learn and get along with Shopify and grow your business even more. You can even get access to the latest and rare information and best-quality support from the Shopify team.

One major benefit of becoming a Shopify partner is getting exclusive discounts on a large number of software solutions and services. These can be helpful in launching the online store, product designing, and management. The benefits are divided among the Shopify Plus experts and partners.

One other benefit of becoming a Shopify partner is that you can have an additional source of income with affiliate marketing and other ways:

– By getting new leads to use the Shopify eCommerce platform.
– By creating attractive Shopify themes for public users.
– By creating engaging Shopify-based applications.
– By helping Shopify users with amazing marketing/designing potential.
– By promoting existing Shopify apps and bringing more sales to them

How to Make Money On Shopify Partner Program?

Shopify provides a partner dashboard to manage apps, and track the installed apps and their revenue. Being a Shopify Partner, you are allowed to collaborate with other development teams as well. It is so easy for the partner to access the dashboard and reach the partner’s login screen.

Stores – Development and management of the live stores.
Referrals – Create new referral links and manage them.
Apps – Develop and manage Shopify Apps for users.
Themes – Create and manage Shopify themes for users.
Support – 24/7 reliable partner support.
Team – Create and manage the team members.
Affiliate Tools – Create and manage affiliate campaigns to boost conversion.
Payouts – Manage payouts along with their history/record.
Settings – Create and manage PayPal along with other account settings.

Being a Shopify partner, the income from the Shopify platform relies on your contribution/services to merchants. You can sign up on the platform to become a Shopify Plus expert and get to know about the payment process and other settings too.

Top Categories of Shopify Partners

Let’s go through some of the categories of the Shopify partners along with the ways in which they are helpful for aspiring merchants. The partners are the Shopify Plus experts in diverse fields and help businesses to run Shopify online stores with a profitable business model.


Shopify designers are one of the old and popular categories in the Shopify Partner Program. This category is helpful for the merchants who are in the hopes of creating an online store from scratch and modifying the same. They can be hired to outshine your online Shopify store in the market. The Shopify Plus expert can ensure to maintain the worthy design on the online store. The modern-day Shopify designers always remain up to date with the trends and changes in the industry and can easily bring relevant benefits to the online Shopify store.


Developers are the most reliable members of the Shopify partner program. Since the online eCommerce platform is on unstoppable growth, many businesses look forward to keeping their store performance and UX better than any other. That’s where the need for a Shopify developer’s partner comes into play.

They are the Shopify Plus expert developers who excel the expertise in the creation of any app that could boost the overall sales and revenue. You can find plenty of apps on the Shopify App Store that is already preferred by the majority of online business owners. The developers can create useful and demanding apps and publish them on the Shopify app store for public download. Once the merchants keep on installing and using the apps, developers will start earning against the same.

Marketing Partners

Every new business coming to the Shopify eCommerce world will need Shopify Plus expert marketers. The business owner can be great in starting a business from scratch, but not in the promotional strategy. What they need is someone with extraordinary marketing skills that can popularize the eCommerce store among a wide range of customers. Shopify partner program brings a marketing section that has marketers to guide you, run your campaigns, form a presence on social media, etc. The person can help you with various forms of marketing and let you gain the upper hand benefit from the merchants and statistics.

Affiliate Partners

Shopify has one of the leading affiliate networks across the globe. Affiliates play a vital role in framing the link between Shopify merchants and the platform. They are the Shopify Plus experts who introduce the platform to the merchants and assist them in setting up the store. If you have the capability to explain the complete ins and outs of the Shopify platform and can connect with the merchant’s network, this Shopify affiliate partner program is suitable for you.


Thus, we can say that both Shopify partners and Shopify Plus experts have their own perks and should be chosen for long-term growth. However, we would recommend joining the Shopify partner program that could be beneficial for you (partner) and clients (users). The growth and success also lie in the skills and services that you’re offering.

In this age of digitization, offline businesses are not able to keep up with the competition. This leaves them with nothing but the option to launch an online store. As per current standards, online stores are adopting the online medium of channeling at a very fast rate.

However, not everyone has the right skills and expertise to deal with the Shopify development and marketing expectations. If you think you possess the necessary skills to grow an online business, opt for the Shopify Plus expert or Shopify partner program right away.