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    December 20, 2022

What are the themes available on Shopify?

Numerous online store owners use Shopify to sell products online and manage their online stores. It is a known fact that when it comes to e-commerce stores, Shopify is the trusted platform, and sometimes, when your store starts growing, handling it can be challenging. Moreover, the abundance of stores using Shopify has accelerated the competition in the e-commerce industry and if you do not have an attractive and user-friendly store, you can lose potential converts easily. While there are many other aspects you have to attend to when you are running an online store, the design of your store is key in helping the customers decide if they should check your page. Choosing the best theme and getting some assistance from a reliable Shopify Plus agency that can help you incorporate the theme into your store efficiently can come in handy.

Ten Themes Available On Shopify To Boost Your Conversions And Sales

Having an online store can fuel your productivity but in the end, all the time, effort, energy, and financial resources you have invested in creating the store will only be fruitful if you gain results out of it. If the store is generating a lack of conversions and sales, at times, the reason can be attributed to a visually unappealing site. Therefore, here are some themes that can enhance the look and performance of your store.

Free Shopify Themes

1. Supply

If you have a store selling a large number of supplies, the Supply theme is perfect for your store. You can use this theme if your store is not confined to selling one category of products but caters to several categories such as apparel, kitchenware, electronics, decor items, and more. It makes your site easy to navigate for customers as they can browse various categories without any hassle. You can add related products, best-selling products, and more categories to your site. The theme is also perfect if you are selling furniture or luxury items. It supports responsive integration and is sure to keep users hooked to your site due to its smooth functioning.

2. Brooklyn

If you want to enhance your branding, Brooklyn is the perfect theme. It features two varying styles namely, playful and classic. If you want a minimal and vintage outlook for your store, you can go with the classic style and if you want a more modern and vibrant outlook, you can opt for the playful style. Regardless of which store you choose, your store is sure to have a dreamy appeal.

3. Beauty

Beauty – as the name suggests, is mainly curated for stores that sell beauty products. While this is not to say that it is not perfect for other kinds of stores, the theme mainly gels well with stores selling makeup, skincare products, and the like. It supports a mobile-friendly design and you can also add social media icons. Taking help from a Shopify Plus agency can help you utilize this theme to your best.

4. Minimal Vintage

When talking about the Vintage theme, you may usually associate it with stores specializing in vintage items such as artwork, crafts, and the like but you do not have to limit the inclusion of this theme to the same. Since it is a blend of minimalism and vintage, many store owners also use it to sell fashion items, camera equipment, and more. This theme allows your store’s product and written content to be the main highlight and it is easily customizable too.

5. Snowdevil

Snowdevil – the name of the theme may have given you a gist of which stores the theme is curated for. This theme is apt for stores selling winter items and products related to winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and the like. From the typography to the colors, everything exudes a wintery vibe but you can also customize the same as per your preference.

Premium Shopify Themes

1. Porto

Porto gives you endless opportunities to design the store of your free will. Rather than incorporating predetermined designs and elements into your store, you can create the store according to your imagination. It is an easy-to-use theme that supports numerous layouts, a vertical mega menu, admin dashboard, and is a powerful theme overall tailored to fit your needs. You can ask a Shopify Plus developers to design your store using this premium theme.

2. Ella

Ella is a premium Shopify theme supporting almost 15 home designs and 8 child themes. It allows you to create the perfect store in an instant as it facilitates product pages, categories, blog pages, and more. It comes with many advanced features such as a wishlist, one-click checkout, size chart, video chart, lookbook, and more that are sure to make your store stand apart and allow your customers to have easy and smooth shopping experience.

3. Boutique

Boutique gives you access to a wide array of premium features such as the Revolution Slider, an extensive range of header styles, around 20 index pages, and lesser footers. If you own a fashion store and want it to possess a neat and clean look, this theme can assist you in accomplishing the same. You can browse through a huge selection of layouts so that you can have the perfect store you have always dreamt of. A Shopify Plus expert can help you use this theme excellently.

4. Shella

Shella features a clean and simple look in the company of almost 75 predesigned pages. It is one of the best-advanced themes out there and caters to a wide variety of stores as well. It is always up to date with the current trends and technologies so that your store can perform best. It is the perfect theme if you need some assistance with marketing your products and is sure to bring more conversions your way.

5. Maxmin

Maxmin offers 4 demos that will help you determine which theme you should pick for your online store. It is a great theme to enhance the visual appeal of your page and can work well with stores that are selling products belonging to multiple categories. It supports browser compatibility and adaptability so you can connect with your customers more easily. You can also use the handy drag-and-drop feature to customize your layouts and give your store a personalized look.

Final Thoughts

There are various themes you can choose to apply in your online store but searching for them can be time-consuming. Hence, the above list has narrowed down the best free and premium themes available on Shopify and if you use them with the assistance of a Shopify Plus agency to incorporate the theme, your store is sure to reap profitable results. Connect with Our Shopify Expert for guidance and advice.