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    December 20, 2022

Where can one purchase a B2B shopping cart?

Doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an established business, when you begin your eCommerce journey, a shopping cart is one of the crucial factors to consider. B2c or B2b shopping carts play an important role in encouraging your customers to make purchases. B2B business model that sells goods and services to other businesses. Though eCommerce is popular among b2c businesses, for b2b, it was always in-person meetings. Now, eCommerce has been rising in b2b as well, many experts believe that it will make the market twice the size of b2c. Small market or large, an eCommerce website for any business is important especially when you are new, you need to select website elements like payment gateway, and shopping carts carefully. There are several platforms that host websites and provide such shopping cart options such as Shopify website development, etc. These platforms offer special features, functionalities, tools, and options for b2b businesses to create the best platform for their clients.

Do you want to know about shopping carts for b2b? Do you want to know where you can purchase or what are your options for b2b shopping carts? This article will talk about the various platforms that provide b2b shopping carts for various b2b eCommerce businesses.

Here is the list of the best b2b shopping cart solutions that you can buy:

Big-commerce: Big-commerce is one of the popular and effective eCommerce store builders that allows you to create some effective and customized b2b eCommerce stores for your clients. Big-commerce offers a wide range of tools and features that allow businesses to access their audience, and visitors through several social media platforms and allows you to integrate with powerful eCommerce applications.

OpenCart: Open cart is one of the popular b2b eCommerce software that allows you to set up and use design templates, unique features, and more. They allow you to install the open cart b2b marketplace module which allows your eCommerce store to be an advanced b2b marketplace. You can find various features of a shopping cart on the b2b cart module such as creating a user group with certain needs or requirements, if the client has no right to buy or order goods, products can be sent for reviews by the website admin, separate dashboard for merchants to maintain orders, etc.

Prestashop: Prestashop offers customers a flexible and customizable website option. Presta offers a wide range of features, themes, and templates to create a b2b eCommerce platform. When you create your account on presto, you get a complete range of website solutions including shopping carts. You can create a customized eCommerce store according to your business requirements and more with Presta shop features such as custom checkout, numerous checkout variants, membership, and registration, worldwide selling, customer relationship tracking, and more.

Shift4shop: with incredible features and functionality offered by Shift4shop, you can convert your visitors into customers. Shift4 Shop is another important solution for your b2b shopping cart needs. The Shopify Plus agency offers you customized options and a wide range of features for your shopping cart requirement. Moreover, businesses can create their complete eCommerce website including shopping cart solutions with Shift4shop. You can also create a setup for calculations and tax exemptions, etc. They provide a one-click reorder option in their shopping cart which means a customer can save an order in their private account and reorder with a single click which saves a lot of time.

Magento: Magento is another popular, robust, and versatile b2b eCommerce software platform that allows businesses to create customized platforms with various unique features that will help you achieve challenging business goals with an all in one platform that allows you a wide range of features to make your b2b platform worth it. They have features like reliable, custom catalog and pricing, extensive and native b2b platform, cloud-based commerce, multi-channel selling, and optimized inventory and order processing.

Try out Shopify plus’s B2b platform to resolve all your queries for a b2b eCommerce shopping cart

Many popular brands like Tesla, Motorola, Adidas, L’oreal, citizen, etc are currently using Shopify plus and you all might know how these companies have conquered the world of the b2b market. Shopify website development is one of the leading platforms that currently hold over a million businesses on their platform so, if you are looking for a shopping cart solution, Shopify can be the best solution. Shopify offers two options for b2b businesses to create a website and use a shopping cart solution.

Option 1 is for those businesses who have a restricted budget and cannot afford to spend extra on eCommerce platforms, but it’s essential for you to open a store, you can just go for their basic Shopify website development option though it has only basic features. If you want to fulfill more requirements and overcome challenging problems of b2b business, option 2 is Shopify plus offers 360° solutions.

From payment gateway to shopping cart solutions to design templates, you can find them all. They have features like 24/7 e-store performance, and custom pricing, and can manage up to 8000 orders per minute. Shopify allows b2b organizations to re-order and track products in one place and the best part about using Shopify shopping cart is they have a recovery system which means if a customer selects products and enters into the shopping cart, do not make purchases, Shopify will keep reminding your customers through email to complete purchases.

To Purchase the best b2b eCommerce shopping cart, ensure that the platform has these features

eCommerce platforms need a lot of handling and management, if your shopping cart cannot fulfill your customer requirement or does not look attractive enough, you will lose the opportunity to convert customers, that’s why you need to look for some features to make sure it’s suitable for your b2b organization:

Bulk product ordering capacity: The right software should be able to provide a convenient interface for bulk ordering. If your shopping cart cannot handle the bulk ordering, the customer will have to take time to order the product, and they are likely to get frustrated, chances are they will drop the order. For b2b organizations, it is crucial to have a bulk order processing interface on their platform.

Convenient order placement: Many b2b organizations have clients that mostly prefer ordering by phone or email or through text or in-person. If a client is having a conversation on the phone, you should create an admin panel for that client about orders so that they can instantly click and conveniently place orders and make payments. They can order from your platform while talking via phone calls. So, you do not have to create complexities for customers and not lose them due to phone call orders.

Facility to re-order: In b2b organizations, companies or clients usually order in bulk and if they have a good experience, they will come back to order in a similar way. There should be a way to save orders so that they do not have to find and select to order again rather than reorder from their saved list. Shopify website development with plus offers you this feature. You can find other websites or platforms that offer the feature.

Protection from unauthorized users: Your platform should be able to protect catalogs from competitors and hackers to ensure your products or services remain exclusive. Therefore, select a shopping cart or b2b website features that provide protection from unauthorized users. The more secure a platform you have, the better you can manage the b2b eCommerce platform.

These are some of the important features that allow you to manage your b2b business effectively. If you’re planning to start a new eCommerce store or update your existing one or want to rebrand your business on an eCommerce platform, selecting the right shopping cart is important. Whichever platform you select, make sure you go through their details and product offerings, and understand those details through the information provided by them. You can take the help from a Shopify Plus developers to understand what features are offered and what are their benefits. Integrate these features with your b2b eCommerce platform requirements. If you are contemplating for b2b shopping cart, this guide will help you.

Conclusion: B2b eCommerce platforms have different requirements due to different client needs and business models. These are some of the important things you need to know about b2b shopping carts. The above-mentioned marketplaces or software are popular and effective for shopping cart solutions. Apart from that, you can follow this above-stated guide to purchasing the best b2b solutions such as presto or Shopify website development and more. According to your business requirements, customize your shopping cart and use the best solution to ensure your b2b eCommerce platform can offer the best customer services. The better and more secure your shopping cart or eCommerce platform will be, the more customers you can retain. Use this above-mentioned guide and tips to help you with a shopping cart solution for a b2b organization.