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    February 21, 2023

Which Is Better, Web Development Or App Development?

Whether you develop a new business idea or you want to take your existing business to the online market, one question always arises “What would you select between a website or an app or both for your brand? The mobile industry has been on the rise in the last few years. Everybody has mobile phones they use for communication and for shopping. Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life.

Whether you select an app or a website, both are going to operate on mobile phones. No doubt there are still customers who prefer desktop websites, but a large number of people prefer mobile phones. Selecting between an app or a website will depend on what your business needs. For instance, budget, target audience, business idea, etc. This guide will help you decide which one you can select and which one is better for your business. 

What is the difference between website development and app development? 

Before you understand the advantages and disadvantages both offer, you need to understand the key difference between them both. Website or web development is a platform that is used to operate or explore by web users on the internet browser through mobile phones or laptops or any other device. These websites need a host and browser to connect with the customers just like the desktop website, mobile sites are similar. While app development is a standalone application that is downloaded and installed on mobile devices. 

These apps are device-specific applications that are launched on application portals like the android play store or apple play store and the user has to visit these portals or apps to download the app development you created for your brand. The apps may or may not use the internet, but if you are planning to establish an eCommerce app, they will use the internet to fetch the data and content of the app. 

What are the advantages of web development for your business?

Here is the list of reasons that make website development best for any business:

  • Credibility: In the modern world, the way customers cannot trust companies without any Telephone number or address mentioned on their Social profiles or anywhere in the advertising, now customers prefer companies to have their own websites and email address where they can visit to check the products or services and details to contact you. Establishing an online business is now a necessity not an exception for any brand that wants to cater to a large audience. These are useful tools for brands to interact with customers and share information. Web development for any brand provides brand identity and an interface to connect with customers and build trust. 
  • Consumer Insights: Web development allows business organizations to analyze and track consumer journeys, and identify their loyal customers. From how they were able to reach your websites, how they navigate through your products, where they spend their most time on your platform, what purchases they make, if they abandon your products in their cart, then how many times they come back etc. This analysis allows you to improve your business and help you grow. This diverse range of customer data will help you use for your advertising and marketing goals to target specific audiences. 
  • Market expansion: Web development offers one of the main advantages to brands or business organizations in terms of reduced or no boundary restrictions. Anyone across the globe can have access to your website instantly after your launch. When a web user searches on the internet, Google will rank your website in search results if your query matches your website. Web development 
  • Advertising: Web development or websites allow your brand to advertise products instantly, for instance, you can use search engine marketing, and other digital marketing methods to advertise your products on the website. Moreover, search engines allow you to market your products on other websites through PPC which means no matter where your customers are your website integration with advertising or marketing will reach them. 
  • Growth opportunities: Web development for creating websites is a great way to establish your brand and provide investors with a face of your brand where they can understand your business, business goals, and other aspects to invest in your business. 
  • Easy to maintain: Once you established a website, it’s easy to maintain in fact if you are using Shopify or other platforms for your e-store, it’s easy to set up and maintain your everyday orders, visitors, and more with less cost 

What are the advantages of app development for your business?

Here is the list of reasons that make app development best for any business:

  • Value for customers: Over the last decade, the way customers shop for products and services has changed, and technology is playing a huge role in shaping consumer purchase habits. Mobile apps or app development is one of the major technical elements that are constantly evolving with consumer purchase habits. With the use of Social media platforms or apps, customers are now more inclined toward technology and apps. App development allows business organizations to fulfill customer expectations. 

  • Personalization: One of the main reasons that make app development the best is the level of personalization offered. Creating an app for any business idea requires personalization. In today’s modern world, Personalization is a great way to attract and retain customers and apps can provide that opportunity. You can build personalized apps that reflect your business identity and goals 
  • Competitive advantage: Having an app or using app development for your brand can give you a competitive edge over your competitors especially if your competitors are only using websites as apps are more flexible and convenient to use compared to websites. So, you can instantly gain an advantage in the market with unique and customized apps. 
  • More control: Having an app for your brand will give you more control and an organized environment to run your business. You have to take control over several areas with app development such as branding – the way your customers will view and perceive your brand, security- you can provide more security to your customers and data, scalability – you can add as many features as you want with your app. 

What are the disadvantages of web development and app development for your business? 

Like any other method, both web development and app development have their own disadvantages. 

The Cons of web development

  • Limited features: Compared to the mobile application or app development, websites offer less flexibility and features. No doubt you can make an attractive and convenient website, but the app offers more personalization. 
    Slow and require internet: Compared to apps, websites are slow in page loading, switching to different products or web pages in a website. Moreover, websites will not function without the internet while apps can function without the internet if they have that facility. 

Cons of app development for your business 

  • Expensive: Developing an app for your brand can be more expensive compared to a Web application as they need more maintenance in terms of security, downloads, visitors, users, etc. Moreover, creating an app can be more expensive as you need Shopify Plus Experts‘ help, server, hosting, and more. Moreover, the updates for different phones or new features of your app can be costly.
  • More time to market: The app requires more time to market and develop as app development needs to take place in iOS and Android, both require different programming languages for development which can take a lot of time. Moreover, you need to market both differently as users are different.
    These are the advantages and disadvantages of the app and web development that your business requirements might need to fulfill. According to the brand requirement and business idea, keeping these disadvantages in mind you can choose either of them.

Responsive website or app, Which one do you need to Select?

When it comes to establishing your brand online through a website or app, the most appropriate and feasible choice comes down to your end goals and business requirements. For instance, if you want to create an interactive game or have a business idea that doesn’t need a website, the app will be your best choice, but if you want to cater to a large audience you need a website. In some cases like eCommerce stores to sell products, you can use both app and web development to offer maximum benefits to your customers. However, for most businesses building an app without a website isn’t going to work unless you already have an audience or your audience doesn’t need a website. Generally, web development will be the first step in your online business journey and when you establish a strong presence through a website, you can move towards app development. 


Web development and app development both have their own pros and cons. Whether you want to establish an eCommerce business or offer services, apps and websites have different roles. Though you can select according to your budget, target audience or business, however, having both will give you more benefits in most cases as a business organization will be able to cater to a large audience and offer an excellent user experience. You can cater to web users as well as app users for your business niche. Keeping in mind business goals, select either of them using this guide. Seed Cart can effectively help your business with web development and app development